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Back Issue "High Weirdness by E-Mail [vol. 2, #4]

The Little Green Men and the Golden Calf. [Part 1]

On July 26th, 1947 President Harry Truman signed the National Security Act. On board a military C-54 transport plan, code named "Sacred Cow", Truman signed with his magic pen a piece of law that would reshape the United States intelligence and military apparatus forever.

This particular bit of legislation put an end to a congressional debate concerning the merger of the US Navy with the Army. It also created the CIA from the remains of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), created the National Security Council, created the US Air Force (formerly a branch of the Army), and allowed for all sorts of juicy intelligence related matters. Curiously enough it allows for classified information under certain conditions, deemed to important for public dissemination to be kept from anyone. The public, Congress, even the President himself (for reasons of, you guessed it, plausible deniability).

While a broad bit of policy making and a shot across the bow of lovers of small government, it does not seem overly weird. Oh sure, the president just created a new intelligence agency with broad powers including the ability to keep secrets even from him, but still, government has done weirder stuff. What is important here is the timing of the thing.

The alleged UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico was exactly 19 days before that.

Suicide Dot Gov
Nothing really to write about here. Just a collection of recent suicides and unexplained deaths. Sad stuff really.

Victim: Perry Kucinich, youngest brother of Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio, former Presidential candidate).
Cause of death: Unknown. (no entry for Perry)

Victim(s): Philp Schneider & Ron Rummel, engineers and government contractors (had high level clearance, they built large underground facilities).
Cause of death(s): Suicide (Phil choked himself with a rubber hose, Ron shot himself in the face in a public park).
Weirdness: Phil's autopsy revealed his wounds were self inflicted, also that he managed to grow back several fingers he was missing and heal various surgical scars on his penis. Ron's suicide note was written right handed, he was a south paw.

Victim: Fred Hutchins, Aide to Senator Jim Webb (D-Virginia)
Cause of Death: Gunshot to the head, not ruled a suicide yet.
Weirdness: 26 years old, loved his job, deeply loyal to Webb, genuine optimism about politics, deeply religious.

Victim: Brig. Gen. Thomas L. Tinsley, commander at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage
Cause of Death: Suicide, gunshot to the chest (shot himself after going to sleep)
Weirdness: Formerly he worked in Washington under then current Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mosley. Mosley got shitcanned by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates for allowing bombers to transport armed nuclear warheads over the continental US. Tinsley was Executive Officer to Mosley, but was under no investigation for anything.

Victim: Dr. Bruce E. Ivins, military scientist and "Anthrax Mailer" suspect.
Cause of Death: Suicide (eating a ton of "Tylenol with Codeine")
Weirdness: Too numerous to mention. Really. No part of the official story makes any sense.,0,1343109.story?track=rss

Phantom Clowns and the Devil's Preschools.

In May of 1981 Investigative Counselor for the Boston School Board alerted the police and FBI to be on the look out for two men dressed as clowns, attempting to lure children into a van.

By that August there were around 250 reports of "Phantom Clowns" trying to lure children into vans. The reports trickled in not just from Boston but also Kansas City Missouri, Omaha Nebraska, Colorado, and even Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Not a single successful abduction was reported in any state. They happened almost always in daylight, near schools, and to groups of children. Rarely individuals.

The clowns alternated between offering candy to the children to get in the van or threatening them from the van with knives. No verified reports feature them chasing any children, just trying to intimidate or coerce them into the van. One of the earliest reports stated that the clown driving the van did so sans pants.

The clowns were never found.

What is fascinating is that these mysterious clowns appeared at the same time as another bizarre trend. What would come to be called Satanic Ritual Abuse Syndrome was also emerging in 1980-1981. Though it was not called such then, allegations of dark rituals, forced abortions, midnight abductions, cannibalism, and general bad-touching was being reported by a growing number of children and teenagers.

What was also reported is that the abuse was not being perpetrated by the usual black wearing, metal music listening, tattoo loving Satanist stereotype (or even for that matter by famous Satanists like Anton LeVey or Sammy Davis jr.). These foul deeds were being committed by parents, family friends, government officials, and religious leaders.

While much was written about the SRA problem into the 90's (when it fell out of favor quicker than Ted Haggard), what is often overlooked is that out of all those cases a fair number in the US and elsewhere were found to have been true. The Satanic elements however were harder to verify. A lot of the "evidence" was extracted by hypnosis and memory regression techniques which have a dubious track record, at best. What is strange is how many of the allegations came out around the same time. One can attribute the "explosion" of the phenomenon to mass hysteria and greedy psychotherapists wanting to get a bit of national attention or a book deal. However not all of it can be explained away so easily.

Telephone Telepathy confirmed. Next up "Vaginokinesis".

Rupert Sheldrake is something of an oddity. A respected biologist who has spent years investigating if humans have the potential for psychic abilities. This is not unheard of in the scientific community. Every now and then someone delves into the crock pot of quackery, weirdness, and new age fruitiness to show the uneducated masses that its a load of shit.

Sheldrake however is getting all kinds of heat because using the scientific method in two different sets of studies he came to the conclusion that yes, it was possible. He then had the nerve to publish in peer reviewed journals and invite others to duplicate his experiments to see what their findings were. So far, it seems at least some of the brave souls who did have come up with strikingly similar results.

He even got interviewed by Richard Dawkins for a special! Of course Dawkins didn't bother to read ANY of his (peer reviewed) papers or results before the interview. He also refused to even look at them (or the folders containing them) during the interview. According to Dawkins he was there to debunk psychic phenomena, evidence be damned. Way to go, Dick.


Sometime in the future, when I have a bottle of Wild Turkey all to myself and enough time to sit and compile everything properly I will be putting out a special edition of the newsletter. There will be one topic only. Its well researched by smarter men than myself, but that didn't stop me from going over every bit of evidence I could dig up anyway. The sort of obsessive dirt-digging that makes me almost wish I would have gone to college (film studies major with a minor in journalism, would you like fries with that?).

The topic concerns high crimes and misdemeanors comited here and abroad by people whose names you might know. Crimes that nobody will ever be brought to trial for, despite piles of evidence. No one guilty at least.

Its something that nearly gave me a nervous break down researching some weeks ago. I stopped because my loving wife asked me to, as she could see the ruinous effect it was having on me. It had this effect because it became very clear very quickly that it was all true. It was all true and not one fucking thing can be done about it. You can see the guilty parties on TV and hear them on the radio, you might even run into them on the streets of major American cities or on vacation in exotic places, but you cannot touch them. In the literal or figurative sense, they are both untouchable and guilty as hell.

This newsletter is something I do for fun, to pass away a few spare minutes here and there and to amuse (and maybe inform) my friends and associates. This particular topic however is not fun. Its weird sure, but not fun.

/End Transmission.

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