Friday, August 29, 2008

Back Issue "High Weirdness by E-Mail [vol. 2, #2]"

Its all deep politics, black ops, and religious weirdo's this time. Sounds like a decent weekend to me.

Do you "Love the Cocaine"? The CIA sure does.

A lot of links on this one, but its a fun one. So it goes the web of obfuscation inherit to the world of "deep black" intelligence operations. What picture is painted seems to be a plane (Gulfstream II, a very nice and rather large sort of private jet) packed with a Mexican pilot (with a history of drug running and assorted shady dealings), 3-4 possible CIA agents (possible ICE agents, but the initial reports said CIA, due I think to the plane being rather easily traced back to them), and nearly 4 tons of high grade pure Colombian party favors crashed in Mexico. The pilot and agents survived and scattered quickly, leaving the coke and a ton of questions behind.
The plane was being used for the "Extraordinary Rendition" program before this, so why is it running drugs to the US instead of terrorism suspects to secret prisons? With only a small bit of the puzzle its impossible to say, but one can speculate...

CIA Cocaine? In my inner cities? Its more likely than you think.

One possible use for it. Back in the day (read: the 1980's) one very industrious CIA backed dealer managed to move 4 tons of cocaine (and crack made from said cocaine) over a 5 year period. The company was however importing into some areas 4 tons a month. So... where was all of that extra coke going? I am wondering if their isn't some grand CIA coke depository somewhere. The Strategic National Cocaine Reserve. I imagine it to be in some undisclosed location, rising high into the air like Uncle Scrooge's Money Bin. A giant tower of pure South American powder operated like a private swimming pool for select government officials and persons of significant influence. Staffed at all times by a cadre of the finest products of sex slave mental conditioning (Project MONARCH, an offshoot of MKULTRA, fyi) and entertained by watching that video of Sly Stallone having ritual sex with the dolphin while his nubile underage sex toy looked on with a combination of drugged bewilderment and utter boredom.
Nobody parties like the CIA.

Dispatch from The Bush Ranch...on the Moon (or, rather, next to The Moonies)!

So here is an odd pair. There are more links, but after the last two I figured my dear readers needed a break. Anyways, The Bush Family and the Rev. Moon have both purchased giant pieces of land in Paraguay (600,000 for the Moonies, 100,000 for the Bush family). Of all the places in the world to buy giant parcels of land. It should be noted that the land sits right on top of the Guarani Aquifer, one of the largest sources of fresh drinking water on the planet. Its also a key area for both drug transportation routes and arms traffic, something the government of Paraguay has been trying to stamp out in the area unsuccessfully for over two decades. Good news though, we are now sending troops to the area, so everything should be fine soon.

The moonies say its for an ecological preserve area, Bush rep's say theirs is for a ranch. Of course. A Conneticut Yankee playing at Texas Cowboy in South America, right next to a cult leaders perfect green space preserve. You can't write weirder shit than that.
What is especially weird is how long the Moon and Bush interests have been intertwined...

Now you ask what an ancient (1989) story about child sex parties in the White House that got promptly buried (by the very next issue no less, despite witnesses, victims, credit card receipts, you know... evidence) has to do with the Bush Family/Rev. Moon thing. WELL.
The story and its evidence was exclusive to The Washington Times, a newspaper owned and overseen by the Rev. Moon. The White House of 1989 was the stomping grounds of President Reagan and Vice President George HW Bush. Former director of the CIA, oil magnate, and all around shady guy.
Nothing like the threat of going to prison for the rest of their life for fucking little kids to make someone your BFF. To say nothing of Rev. Moon toppling a large portion of the US government as well. Most people would have been killed for less than that, but its a testament to how sneaky and connected the Rev. Moon is that he managed to lay his hands on such a giant pile of dirty laundry.
In the mid 1990's Rev. Moon and George Bush the Elder toured all over South America together as part of a "Bring Jesus to the Heathen Indians and Idolater Catholics Campaign", a favor Bush was paid around a hundred grand for. Another speaking engagement at a Moon event in London netted him 1.5 million British pounds. BFF.
They do have a lot in common other than business matters, at least in terms of how their kids turned out.

Now days Neil Bush, another son, is the point of contact with Rev. Moon.

As an aside, when Hurricane Katrina struck Barbara Bush , Neil's mommy, made her usual round of cold, nearly sociopathic remarks. Called to task for it she hastily donated some money to the Bush-Clinton relief fund. Though all the money was marked specifically to be used to buy software from Neil Bush's company. Because if anyone needs money for Katrina relief its a Bush kids company based in Austin, Texas.

Pregnant Man gives birth.

Awww... how.. weird. Granted, the father/mother in question is a transgendered woman with her/his original plumbing. Still though. Its sweet in a weird sort of way. Still though, Arnold did it first.

The 2004 Presidential Election: A boxing match between two fighters that both work for Don King.

Not much to say really. Kerry promised to "fight and fight and fight some more" but threw in the towel pretty quick. What do you expect when both men get their marching orders from the same people.

Well, that is all for today. Enjoy the 4th! Its all political, except for the she male, but it is the 4th of July.

/End Transmission.

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