Friday, August 29, 2008

Back Issue "High Weirdness by E-Mail [vol. 2, #3]"

Here it is, the long awaited next installment of my riveting little e-zine. Its like a poorly xeroxed socialist newsletter you just can not seem to stop reading.

Well stop trying to resist, eh comrade? Read on! Read on!

Y: The Last Eskimo

Gender imbalance is not a major issue usually. Historically there are usually more women than men. A not entirely bad situation that has positive effects both on moral as well as the continuation of our species. However it does become something of an issue when there are no men whatsoever. Also, when all those girls are being born due to mutations caused by toxic waste seeping into the food chain.
PCB's found their way for many decades into the water, and now through the miracle of the food chain have found their way into whales and other large sea going predators in large quantities. Those animals are then eaten by, well, Eskimo's. Or in this case the Inuit's and Dane's who live in Greenland. The chemicals are having an odd effect on women, causing a 2 to 1 birth rate of dolls to guys as well as lower than average birth weights.
The good news is it seems to be mainly indigenous peoples in Greenland, Canada, and Alaska that typical subsist on a diet of marine life that are experiencing this. Which is fine really, I mean, its not like those cultures have any real use for men. Traditionally at least.
While its unlikely that this would ever be a general population issue, in 50 years or so these people may have to abandon their entire way of life. PCB's stick around for a good while. Most countries stopped using them in the 70's and this is just now becoming an issue.

Homeland Security has run out of idea's, now mining comic books for new initiatives.

The article is sparse on hard facts, but it essentially goes like this... The Dept. of Homeland security wants scientists (possibly of the "Mad" variety) to BUILD A WEATHER CONTROL MACHINE! Seriously. They want a device to either sprinkle chemicals into hurricanes (a form of cloud seeding, weather manipulation used here in the US occasionally and recently in China to clear the air for the Olympics) or to cool ocean temperatures where hurricanes form. They would like to be able to at least reduce a storm by 1 full category, an impressive feat. No mention is made of directed weather as a weapon to stop terrorists, but its only a matter of time.
Lex Luthor would be proud.

Karadzic learns the hard way, nobody fucks with the CIA.

A rare thing indeed, a conspiracy getting blown wide open in public. Radovan Karadžić (AKA Dragan David Dabić, we will call him Raddy for short) the former Bosnian Serb President accused of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY (Five counts of crimes against humanity (Article 5 of the Statute - extermination, murder, persecutions on political, racial and religious grounds, persecutions, inhumane acts (forcible transfer); Three counts of violations of the laws of war (Article 3 of the Statute - murder, unlawfully inflicting terror upon civilians, taking hostages); One count of grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions (Article 2 of the Statute - willful killing).[14] Unlawful transfer of civilians because of religious or national identity. From Wikipedia) has been found, captured, and put on trial. Yay! The good guys win!
The problem here is we have known where he was all along. By "we" I mean "The CIA" (and NATO, and the UN, and MI6 it seems). He cut a deal which seems to be "stay out of politics, live as a simple country psychiatrist named 'Dragon' and treat people who have sexual disorders with 'Quantum Energy Treatments', and we won't arrest your sorry genocidal ass and put you on trial at the Hague." Well it seems he put in some calls to his old political party and even chaired a meeting or two for them... and the CIA found out. Big surprise seeing as they had his phone tapped the entire time.
It will be interesting to find out what he gave them in exchange for such an amazing deal.
Makes you wonder, don't it?

More crazy people claim that NASA/"Big Government" is covering up alien contact evidence. By "crazy" I mean "NASA Employee's", and by "NASA Employee's" I mean "Astronauts".

There are few more credible witnesses' you could ask for than astronauts. NASA, especially in the days of the Apollo Program, tested their people more rigorously than anyone. Then consider that almost all of their space boys were picked from the military, so you have all of their mental competency and stress tests. THEN consider that almost all of them have scientific backgrounds as well, doctorates and the like. These men were supposed to be scientist-conquerors of the space-age. King Conan piloting a soup can wearing a tin foil suit and reading the collected works of Nietzsche and Thomas Jefferson. Bringing peace, freedom, and (American) human superiority to the stars.
So now, in their twilight years, more and more of these brave post-Atomic Age supermen are coming forward to say we are not alone. That they and others have seen these things. That elements within the military-intelligence-
industrial complex have knowledge of this, and it is being actively withheld from public view.
Why is anyone's guess. Because people might panic? Because "they" are using alien technology for "their" own benefit? Because "they" have deals with "them"? Because "they" have real idea what "they" are? Because nobody knows if "they" are hostile or not? Who knows.
Between this, some of the witness/evidence combo's from the Disclosure Project, and the recent testimonies of officials involved in the Roswell Incident (more on that later), the case for little green men is looking pretty good.

/End Transmission.

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