Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Return of the Son of the Update!

Return of the Plague!

Looks like the survivors of that Algerian Al-Qaeda training camp were making for the border, the Egyptian border that is. The Black Death has sprung up in a small town in Libya not far from Egypt's Northern border.

Could be a coincidence, could not be. Never can tell. What I do know is all the dead from that camp were buried in a mass grave before they were found. Someone had to dig the hole and then fill it in, either survivors or the people who released the disease.

Could also have been spread from the initial infection site by unknowing nomads, or travelers. Nice thought isn't it? Innocent bystanders unknowingly spreading a Medieval plague all over North Africa.

The town that just got hit is near the ocean. So was the training camp in Algeria. Its also a pretty straight path between the two.

We can't go on together, with Suspicious Deaths (Suspicious Deeeeaaaaaths!)

Choked and thrown down a 120 foot stairwell at the U.N. building in Austria. Sounds about right for a well liked family man and all around boring academic.

I wonder what he might have been doing that pissed someone off enough to tear a page right out of the CIA assassination handbook?

Oh yes, here it is. He was a nuclear scientist with the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization working on the ongoing talks with Iran over their nuclear program. Good thing his work wasn't sensitive or anything.

Obviously a spur-of-the-moment suicide or tragic accident. I can't even tell you how many times I have been walking along at work at the top of the stairs choking the shit out of myself and nearly fell to my untimely death. Happens all the time.

Russians shut down a Meteorite smuggling ring. I guess even Ivan loves Superman.

Not a lot to this one, so far. Some Russians and Czechs were attempting to smuggle 200 grams worth of meteorites out of the Russian Federation. Along with lots of books, and scientific equipment. Customs agents nabbed them after the became suspicious of the "granite office decorations" the men were shipping.

It is a bit odd that they managed to nail them on the spot, when it apparently took 3 months to ID the rocks as extraterrestrial in origin.

Somewhere out there is a very angry supervillain.

CIA Drug Smuggling operations are easy-peasy in Afghanistan, seeing as Afghan President Ahmed Karzi's brother is on their payroll.

He's involved in the opium trade, and on the CIA payroll. The headlines just write themselves, don't they? Yet still, people wonder why foreign troops in Afghanistan are not allowed to touch the poppy fields.

As much as this stinks of nefarious Vietnam and Reagan-era CIA shenanigans there is another side to it. Namely that opium is Afghanistans only export of note. Without the drug trade they would be entirely reliant on foreign aide to rebuild their infrastructure and fight the Taliban. That means we, the American taxpayer, would be on the hook for a fuck-ton (metric) more money for that little war.

Of course you could amend the intentional drug treaties that restrict opium production for medical uses to a few countries to allow the Afgans a chunk of the trade. Of course that means the money would be flowing to the Government proper in terms of taxes and tariffs, and to Big Pharma for the juicy pain-killing profits. Which of course cuts the CIA and the narco-empires they have spent 30+ years supporting out of the loop.

Make it legal and Uncle Sam, the UN, and Big Pharma get it.

Keep it on the down-low and the CIA, Taliban, and drug cartels get it.

The question there is which one of those would see the most benefit for the average Afgan citizen?

+ + +

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Space! I love it! NASA, they frustrate the shit out of me!

The Great Martian Life Conspiracy,3526,Methane-discovery-suggests-presence-of-life-on-Mars-say-Nasa-scientists,Newscomau,page2
BONUS: The sky, it is blue. On Mars too. [NASA and JPL don't like to release color pictures anymore. Probably because their tampering can be corrected with Photoshop. Also, they keep cropping out the color bars.]

A subject near and dear to my heart for many reasons, though one I usually only mention in passing. Life on Mars. Our colder, smaller, less atmospherically endowed sister planet in the Terran System. Does she harbor life? The age old question.

Yes, she does. Am I going to make a compelling case for it? Nope. Not really. Other, smarter, better academically endowed men and women have already done that.

So here it is!

Back in the late 1970's NASA sent our first brave robot friends to Mars, Viking 1 & 2. These pioneering automatons had the goal of snapping pictures and digging in the dirt for signs of life. They carried four different experiments on board for those purposes. Some of those experiments produced results indicating life.

You can look the details up yourself but the experiments involved soaking soil samples with a soup of different chemicals and measuring if any gas was released (to show microbes metabolizing nutrients). Then any gas released would be analyzed and if it looked like life then it would be baked in an oven at amazingly high temperature (1200 F). You know, to see if they kept going. Not surprisingly the activity measured (oh yeah, they got a positive result with the chemical soup free lunch experiment) leveled off and disappeared when they turned the autoclave on (the goal was to sterilize the soil, for control purposes).

Most microbes don't do well around 40 degree's or so outside their normal range. There are exceptions of course, but that seems to be a decent rule of thumb. So then, what was the average temperatures where the Viking Lander's landed? Plus or minus 1 F to negative 178 F. Poor little guys never had a chance.

Then in 2003 NASA picked up on something very interesting, methane in the Martian atmosphere. Why is that important? Methane is an unstable gas and Mars has a very thin atmosphere. Far to thin to retain methane in any measurable quantity for any great length of time. So it was an occasional kinda methane content. How occasional?

Seasonal. Specifically in the Summer time.

It gets better however. That is also when the Martian atmosphere has the highest concentrations of water vapor (hell, clouds even form sometimes). The plumes of methane are most dense in a few regions of Mars (Arabia Terra, Elysium Planitia, and Arcadia Memnonia), all of them equatorial.

NASA didn't want to make a fuss about this but a few months later the European Space Agency landed the Mars Express lander on the surface and confirmed it, effectively shaming NASA into talking about their own discovery.

Those rascally Europeans went a step further a few months later discovering ammonia in the atmosphere. Ammonia also breaks down very rapidly in Mars thin atmosphere, as such like the methane it needs to be replenished from some source.

There are two possibilities.

Geological processes such as vulcanism, plate shifting, etc.. deep within Mars releasing these gasses into the atmosphere. Or life.

The geological theory goes out the window into heavy traffic when you consider that all geological data from the lack of active volcanoes to the not shifting land masses to the extremely weak magnetic field of the planet indicate that Mars is, geologically speaking, dead.

It is possible that there is some hot magma action going on underneath Mars that we just have not observed yet. Fair enough, I will concede that point. It is odd however that this geological activity is on a very specific yearly cycle coinciding with the Martian summer and appearance of water vapor in the atmosphere from melting permafrost.

That leaves life.

There is the issue of water of course, oh wait, even NASA admitted to finding ice under the soil, and then even liquid water when a reporter noticed that the Phoenix lander had some splashed on its visible leg. Which didn't refreeze in the air, it evaporated. NASA then said there could be nothing alive in the soil because we found perchlorate tied up with the oxygen in the water.

Point one. Martian life may not thrive on or exclusively on oxygen. This is Alien life we are talking about. Even if it is microbes. Hell, it might eat that shit up like goth kids eat Count Chocula.

Point two. Perchlorate is found in the soil on Earth. For one in the Gobi desert, which is pretty inhospitable but still supports life. Its also found in 35 US states in the soil and ground water. So far, life continues to exist in most of the continental US.

Most scientists won't point any of this out for fear of ridicule and career suicide. Since I didn't pursue my degree in physics but went into a different field altogether I can sit back and poke fun at the inanity of the cover up all I like.

There is life on Mars ladies and germs. The only two reasons so far I can find for keeping that so poorly under wraps are thus. Fear of society collapsing in a panic, and fear of the Christians not feeling special anymore.

The first one won't happen. Maybe if we were talking about an Alien armada coming to cleanse the world of human life. Sure, I'd panic then. But microbes? I doubt it.

The second I could care less about. Frankly, science has no business holding the hand of any religion and caring about its feelings. Either they will adapt their beliefs, they will pretend it didn't happen, or they will lose their faith. Perhaps that is a little harsh. Perhaps. But isn't more harsh to withhold something of such monumental importance?

Not only would life on mars say, officially from NASA and thus a Western government (India already confirmed exolife last year, after it rained down on them from a comet), that we are not alone, it would say that life is common in the universe.


Because that means that life originated independently on two different planets in the same solar system. The odds against that are pretty steep, but if it happened twice here, then life must be more common in the universe than we think. It means we are not special anymore, but it also means we are not alone.

And now, Pictures!

Wow, look at that red sky! You see it? Its red! Oh wait, I forgot to alter the color settings on your monitor, gimme a sec... Oh, when I'm done, ignore the color plate. Forgot to crop that out...

So they are telling us the truth 'eh? They aren't hiding anything about Mars? Well, that being the case I was pledging allegiance to the wrong flag. All this time and I didn't know Old Glory was fucking purple.

Ah, bask in the hazy red sky of Mars. Quaid paid all that money for memories of this? It looks like Arizona.

All these pictures came from NASA websites by the way. Some of them are much harder to find now. Go figure. But they have hundreds of thousands. Some slip through.

Incoming objects from space now CLASSIFIED

Just a quickie at the end, because everyone loves a good quickie. The military & intel groups are no longer sharing data gathered on incoming objects from space with astrophysicists or astronomers. Up until now if their classified satellites picked up meteors hitting the atmosphere they would share whatever they could tell. Trajectory, area of impact, composition, size, etc.. Now, for no given reason, they have stopped. Weird.

The spooks and the military don't want to play nice with the nerds anymore, and science loses out.

High Weirdness of the Day: Radioactive Wasps. No, really.

Cleaning out an old Manhatten Project site is frought with the sort of peril one see's in 50's science fiction movies, radioactive bugs. This time, its wasps.

While they aren't gigantic, they are full of cessium and cobalt, and of course are wasps so they love to sting.It seems when the site was landscapped they moved in and used mud from an old nuclear fuel storage tank to build their nests.

If you live in Washington state, pray for winter... Well, actually they say most of the wasps are gone. Not dead, just gone. But they don't tend to re-use nests so each successive generation of wasps should be less radioactive than the last, if at all.

Unless of course, they mutate...

+ + +

Another real update, how about that!

Work and other obligations keep me occupied and away from meaningful time wasteing like my blog, I try. Just for you, my tens of dozens of loyal readers. Maybe I should start a Twitter feed? Nah, I am far to long winded for that.


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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A shocking event, another update!

Now take him to be tortured! Oh, wait...

So, remember how Bush & Co. kept saying that Saddam and Bin Ladin were BFF? Well as it turned out they got that from a Libyan who worked as a trainer for Al-Qaeda. Who confessed this fact after months of torture. Even the CIA, NSA, and military intel thought it was bullshit. Never the less BushCo steamrolled us into Iraq based on this fact. Oh, and the WMD's that were apparently dripping from the palm fronds.

Well, anyways, you know that guy I was just talking about? He's dead. He apparently committed suicide in a secret CIA jail in Libya.

I guess he isn't going to be called to testify to the DOJ about crimes committed under the Bush administration, is he?

Everybody wants to rule the world...

So Bilderburg is coming up. Lots of important people on the list as usual. However for ease of space lets look at who is meeting to determine the fate of the world from the USA. The list includes other tycoons, heads of state, financial giants, from other countries. Mostly from Europe. With a few from other, um, darker parts of the world thrown in for spice. It is however mostly an Anglo fest.

Keep in mind, what they are doing (and do every year) is a violation of a little known law, The Logan Act. Which is a federal law. Which means violating it is a felony. Just so you know.

My guess is this will be a big year for Afghanistan and Financial news. Why? Oh, no reason....

Deputy Secretary of State, James Steinberg

Director of the National Security Agency (NSA), Keith B. Alexander

Investment Banker (aka private citizen), Roger Altman

Harvard History Professor (specializes in financial history), Niall Ferguson

Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner

Washington Post Company (media & education) CEO, Donald E. Graham

US Special Envoy to Afghanistan & Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke

National Security Adviser, James L. Jones

Investment banker, lawyer, Iraq Study Group Member, Vernon Jordan

Neo-Conservative Foreign policy commentator, Robert Kagan

Investor & Republican Party backer, Henry Kravis

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Jessica Matthews

Microsoft, Craig Mundie

Project for a New American Century (Neocon), Richard Perle

US Central Command, David Petraeus

Banker, NWO supporter, David Rockefeller

Special Adviser to the Secretary of State, Dennis Ross

Author, Afghanistan Know-It-All, Barnett Rubin

Director of the National Economic Council to the White House, Lawrence Summers

Futurist, Entrepreneur, Hedge Fund Manager, Facebook investor, Peter Thiel

President of the World Bank, former President of Goldman Sachs, Robert Zoellick

+ + +

That is all for now kids. Things are more or less back on track here, so expect more noise from the paranoid corner. Keep your tinfoil hat tightly secured and your guns close by. They could be listening...

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Tales of High Weirdness, Cold War Paranoia, and Nuclear Espionage.

"Audiences know what they expect and that is all they are prepared to believe in." - The Player, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead

The Sodder Children: Because West Virginia is just that weird, that's why.

In the pre-dawn hours of Christmas, 1945, five children went missing from a small town in rural West Virginia. Their disappearance is unsolved to this day. The details of the case are bizarre and more than a little creepy. They are in fact a lot creepy. So settle in for a Christmas story you will not soon forget.

By all accounts George and Jennie Sodder were salt of the Earth people. Prodigious breeders (10 children in total), hard workers, church going, and generally well liked by their neighbors in Fayetteville. Aside from an argument with a man about insurance some weeks prior to Christmas George had, nobody recalls them having difficulties with anyone in town.

That is why it was so shocking that someone set their house on fire shortly after midnight Christmas morning. A house that contained a kindly old couple, all their worldly goods, and nine of their ten children (the oldest son was in the Army).

For ease of evidence collection and to spare you, my dear readers, from paragraph after paragraph of my snide speculating here is a time line of events and evidence. Note that the precise times are remarkably hard to establish in the case so its more a sequence of events than a precise time line.

-Late night, some hours before midnight, Christmas Eve: The five youngest Sodder children (Betty, Jennie, Louis, Martha Lee, and Maurice) plead with their mother to stay up late playing with their new toys. Their mother says OK as long as they do their chores bright and early. They agree and mother heads off to bed.

-Jennie (the mother) is awakened by the phone ringing in the den. The person on the other end is a woman with a strange voice and laugh, unfamiliar to Jennie. The woman asks for someone by name that does not live there (Jennie could not recall the name), laughs when she is told they do not live there, and hangs up. Jennie heads back to bed, but notices the children left the lights on and the front door unlocked.

-Around midnight Jennie & George were disturbed by a sound they likened to "A rubber ball bouncing on the roof". After a few moments they dismissed it and went back to sleep.

-Shortly after they both awake to the smell of smoke. They race downstairs to find the office/den area ablaze, with the fire quickly spreading over the downstairs. They head upstairs for the children. The two oldest join them but not the other five.

-The fire cutting them off from the kids room they head outside for the ladder they keep beside the house for a fire escape. Its not there (the ladder is found the next day, hidden down a hill behind the house). They call out for the children but their cries go unanswered.

-George and the oldest boys run to the neighbors house to call the fire dept. but discover the neighbors phone is dead. Their phone line was cut at the pole, as was the Sodders, 40ft. up. In case you are wondering, yes, the fire escape ladder was tall enough.

-They attempt to drive to town, but both of the families vehicles fail to start. The primary vehicle had been used the day before and ran perfectly. They attempt to use the next door neighbors truck, but it also fails to start. The next day it is discovered that essential parts of all three vehicles engines were removed.

-A bus driver on the highway reported seeing "balls of fire" being thrown at the roof of the house, around midnight.

-The fire Chief is eventually alerted by motorists passing on the highway who see the blaze in the distance, but is unable to rouse the crew or truck until the next day (he did not know how to drive the fire truck).

-After about 45 minutes the house in totally consumed by fire.

-State police and the fire dept. arrive sometime after dawn and begin their investigation.

-The Sodders are told no remains are recovered initially, however that was not entirely true. The investigators found some bones and what appeared to be an organ in the ashes. The fire chief informs the family of the finding after he has buried the organ (he thought it was a heart) on the site of the fire in a box.

-Analysis of the bones shows them to be adult male vertebra, long dead, exhumed from a local cemetery. They had however not been through the fire and were found in a location corresponding to the children's bedroom. The organ turned out to be a beef liver after the Sodders demanded it be exhumed for testing.

-Despite no remains being found the children were declared dead. Their cause of death determined to be immolation/asphyxiation due to fire.

-Further investigation by the Sodders uncovers a half burned rubberized container with a twist off cap near the house. The object is identified by an Army soldier as an incendiary device used by the armed forces at that time.

-A few days later the owner of a motel halfway between the Sodder's house and Charleston, WV swears a statement that Christmas morning he witnessed children that matched the Sodder children's description sharing a room at his hotel with four Italian speaking adults.

-A week after Christmas four of the children and the same four Italian speaking men were identified by a Charleston motel owner as guests of his.

-Sometime later George Sodder saw a girl in a class photo from New York (in a magazine collage) that looked like one of his daughters. He drove to Manhattan only to be turned away from the school without ever seeing the girl. Not surprisingly they had a policy about turning over young girls to hysterical hillbillies.

-In 1968, 20 years after the fire an envelope arrived addressed to Mrs. Sodder. In it was a photograph of a young man bearing a striking resemblance to her son Louis. On the back of the photo were the words "Louis Sodder" "I love brother Frankie." "ilil Boys" "A90132 or 35". After appealing to the WV Attorney general to no avail they hired a PI to search for Louis in the town the letter was postmarked from. They paid him in advance and he went searching. He disappeared. At that point the Sodder Family admitted defeat.

So there you have it. A missing persons case that crosses into high weirdness. From the looks of it the children were not abducted, but were willing accomplices. Personally I think a religious cult of some variety (maybe the Catholics) was involved, to say nothing of the potential connections to La Cosa Nostra (with New York of the day being a haven for Italian immigrants and the Mafia).

The man Mr. Sodder argued with also sat on the medical examiners board that ruled the children dead despite all evidence to the contrary. He yelled publicly that he would ruin George Sodders life. All of this, brainwashing five children, arson, attempted murder, kidnapping, etc, seems a bit much. A little far to go because of some insurance.


Minot Nuke's is Good Nuke's I always say!

During the waning days of the Bush Administration in '07 a pants-shittingly serious error was made by the U.S. Air Force. Six armed nuclear weapons were flown from Minot AFB in North Dakota to Barksdale AFB, Louisiana. This is the sort of error that people get nervous about, hell, they even woke the President for it.

People were reprimanded for it, there was lots of shuffling of papers and yelling, but the concern blew over quickly as the event already happened. Everyone wanted to know how it happened (security and procedures dealing with nukes are as tight as a virgin nun after all). Nobody seemed to know it had even happened until the bomber was safely secured in Barksdale.

There was just a single lingering problem with the whole affair. One of the nukes appears to be missing.

While this might be a simple clerical error, despite the virgin nun-like security I just mentioned, that possibility seems to be discounted by a few details. Those details being a string of suspicious deaths.

Whose deaths you ask? Why, pilots and loaders from Minot Air Force Base, that's who! How many you say? At least seven at last count.

Seven. Mostly from car accidents and a few "undisclosed" causes of death thrown in for spice. The best part? All within a week of one another.

The story as seen on CNN was first leaked to the Military Times by some Anonymous Air Force personnel. Now Air Force personnel are having a string of tragic car crashes on isolated roads in different parts of the country. Or in the case of a certain Brigadier General Thomas L. Tinsley whose death I have covered before, shooting yourself in the head at an awkward angle after going to sleep.

Now, here is the tricky part. There may or may not be a missing nuke. It seems that the Air Force, the Pentagon, the flight crew, and bases ground crews/loaders, and weapons inspectors cannot agree on how many nuclear-tipped cruise missiles the B52-Stratofortress was carrying. The number keeps fluctuating between five and six depending on who is telling the story at what time. The Air Force does admit that some of those Airmen who are now dead from tragic accidents had stolen some equipment related to these vary weapons. Launch control/trigger modules. Yes, that is right, at least three (set to be replaced) control modules were stolen rather than destroyed.

So to recap we have a transportation gaffe that possibly leads to a lose nuclear weapon, three missing (stolen, admittedly) control mechanisms, a pile of dead Air Force personnel (not a natural or un-suspicious death among them). Am I missing anything?

As an aside, those missiles were set to be re-purposed by their manufacturer (Raytheon) as bunker buster nukes.

This could very well be a preview of a 'Jericho'-esqe fascist takeover/false flag situation. It could be that scenario is planned for the future, or its a plan that got scrapped and the nuke is sitting under a storage building somewhere quietly rotting. Its nefarious purpose to never be fulfilled. It might have been intended for sale on the black market. Maybe it was stolen by a foreign power, bent on using U.S. atomic weapons to start a war (the old frame-up). Maybe it is a clerical error, and the string of thefts, cover-ups, and apparent murders is just a horrid black comedy. A macabre coincidence.

It could be almost anything, but I don't believe in coincidence.

The Doomsday Device, or, How I learned to stop worrying and love creepy numbers stations.

One of the pivotal plot points of Stanley Kubrick's Cold War comedy "Dr. Strangelove" was a Doomsday Device. A Russian fail-safe system that automated their nuclear arsenal in the event of a launch by the U.S. This way even if their chain of command was broken beyond repair, the Soviet Union could still live up to their part of "Mutually Assured Destruction".

Rumors have for decades said that the Russians did indeed build, or attempt to build, such a system. Or maybe even a single device, capable of wiping out all life on Earth. If Mother Russia cannot have it, nobody can, 'eh comrade?

Let me introduce you to Radio Station UVB-76. More commonly known as "The Buzzer". It is similar to a numbers station (automated radio transmissions used to communicate with spies to this day) in that its transmission is continues and bizarre.

Located in a remote area of Russia, about forty miles north of Moscow (Povarovo) The Buzzer broadcasts its message 23 hours and 10 minutes a day (with 50 minutes of downtime at the same time each day presumably for station maintenance). Its message is, not surprisingly, a buzzer. A continuous buzzer. Just before the hour there is another tone for one minute, then the buzzer resumes. This repeats all day, except for maintenance time, every day.

Since it was first noticed by the public there have been three instances of speech being broadcast. Each time it was just a series of letters, names, or numbers for a little while, then right back to the buzzer.

The buzzer is being manually operated, 24 hours a day. The buzz itself is a device sitting in front of an open microphone. You can tell because sometimes you can faintly hear people talking or moving around the room. So whatever purpose it serves it requires a living person to be there to turn it on and off.

My guess is that its a dead mans switch for that very same doomsday device mentioned above. If UVB-76 goes offline for a certain amount of time, someone (or an ancient 1970's computer) somewhere presses "The Button". Possibly a sort of master on switch for the Russian nuclear arsenal, and bang. Maybe its not for their missiles, maybe its for a network of Czar-Bombs (the worlds largest hydrogen bombs, Russia never does anything small) designed to wipe out its cities in the event of invasion.

So it continues to broadcast. Some thirty years later Russian technicians man a lonely post in the wilderness. Repeating an endless buzzer and maintaining an entire radio station for it. They know that should they fail, should the buzzer not buzz, should the voice confirmations not go out at there set times years apart, that they might very well end the world. These lonely drunk Russians stand vigilantly at the gates of hell, maning an infernal machine set in motion for winning a Cold War long over by the most final of means.

When next you drink vodka, raise a shot to these men. Because when you call in sick or hung over your paymasters lose a bit off the bottom line, or your co-workers do a double. If these men falter at their job, we might just see a nuclear hell, a hell where the lucky ones are dead.

+ + +

Real life continues to kick my ass like I owe it money, but things are a little better. As such, you get more of my ramblings. I hope that my tens of dozens of readers enjoy it.

If you do enjoy it, please feel free to comment. I get more responses from 'bots asking me to buy WOW gold from Chinese gold farmers. I don't even play WOW.

The next few posts might deal with the topic of Marilyn Monroe's not-suicide, Project: Stargate (no really, the CIA called something that), how the Monsanto Corp is extorting the Iraqi government to outlaw all crops but theirs, and some of NASA's worst photoshop jobs.

Coming Soon!

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Return of the Paranoia

The Plague? In Algeria? Killing Al-Qaeda? Its more likely than you think.
How could that happen you say. The plague? Preposterous.
Here's an idea...

A terrorist training camp in Northern Africa has been vacated of occupants. Not by the military, or rival cells, or even by unpaid sub-prime mortgage debt. The terrorists-in-training (terrorlings? terrorkittens?) have been wiped out by the Black Death.

Bubonic plague has struck down an Al-Qaeda facility in Algeria (in-between Morocco and Libya, South of Spain via the Mediterranean, Islamic rule, member of OPEC) leaving at least 40 dead and an unknown number running for hospitals as fast as they can get there.

This is the first major outbreak of Bubonic Plague in Algeria since 2003, before that it had been 50 years. The WHO has no idea what the hell is going on. The last time it hit in the city of Oran (a port city) all 18 patients survived thanks to modern medicine.

Flash forward to now and some caves 150 klicks outside the largest city (Algiers) that contain a large Al-Queda cell get struck with plague.

Its not the location that gets me really, its the who and the how. Plague is certainly plausible in this situation. Outbreaks (well, 1) have occured sort of near there (350 miles away or so) so its certainly not impossible. To be honest though, I don't entirely buy it.

Its just too good a coincidence, and coincidence is not something I tend to put much stock in. Plus some plague carrying mice are missing from an infectious disease lab in New Jersey.

Back in '05 three mice infected with Bubonic Plague were stolen from 3 seperate cages at the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey. The lab which is funded by the Public Health Research Institute reported that the mice die "very fast" and the risk to the public was "slim to none".

That may be. It will be interesting to see however if anyone bothers to check the bacterium that killed the Al-Qaeda cell to see what strain it was. Though it may be easier to get cultures of the active Plague from the survivors, as the 40 who died were found in mass graves. Someone had to bury them.

+ + +

More later, I promise.

Also my attorney says the previous post is invalid because he is pretty sure that the Goode amendment was scraped from the final version of the bill. I have yet to have the time to properly look it up, so if anyone out there knows the answer feel free to chime in via comments.

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