Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Posse Comitatus, 1878-2007

...and goodnight [Homeland Deployment UPDATE]. [The fascist asshole responsible]

Tucked into the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act of 2007 was a provision to end the long standing Federal law (The Posse Comitatus Act) Preventing active duty US Military from being used for domestic law enforcement.

Slipped it right in there, along with provisions for security clearances, being nice to Iraqi kids, developing new radios and non-line-of-sight based artillery, and military personal having to pay for their own abortions at military hospitals overseas.

Here is the amendment in its entirety. Follow the link above to read the whole bill if your interested. The amendment was proposed before and rejected, so it got tacked onto something that had to be passed otherwise you look like a terrorist who does not support the troops.

(12) H.Amdt. 814
by Rep. Goode [R-VA]
Amendment authorizes the Secretary of Defense to assign members of the Armed Forces, under certain circumstances and subject to certain conditions, to assist the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection and the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement of the Department of Homeland Security with preventing the entry of terrorists, drug traffickers, and illegal aliens into the United States.
Proposed: May 11, 2006. Accepted: May 11, 2006.
An amendment numbered 8 printed in House Report 109-461 to authorize the Secretary of Defense to assign members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, under certain circumstances and subject to certain conditions, to assist the Department of Homeland Security (upon its request) in the performance of border protection functions.
May 11, 2006. On agreeing to the Goode amendment (A012) Agreed to by recorded vote: 252 - 171 (Roll no. 141). [View Details]

Also remember kids that our "boarders" now extend one hundred miles back from the actual boarders/coasts.

People wonder why I drink.

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Yeah, another small one. Sorry about that. Again real life is hitting me with more than I can reasonably deal with and still maintain the balance of righteous indignation, extreme paranoia, and careful research it takes to write this blog. Back on track soon, I promise.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Its that time of year again... for political assasinations.

Mike Connell, A GOP "IT Guru" working for Karl Rove died in a plane crash. He was set to testify about vote tampering in Ohio. Testify against Karl Rove and the Bush Administration.

He crashed his single prop plane 3 miles short of the runway. Which could very well be an accident. Lots of experienced pilots make errors that cost them their lives. Its a tragic time of year to lose your life.

Of course if you are set to testify against your former bosses in a trial concerning a giant pile of felonies including vote tampering, your sudden and unusual death needs to be looked at more closely. Mr. Connell was claiming, and the state prosecution was taking him at his word, that Karl Rove (acting on orders from the GOP higher ups and El Presidente) instructed him to rig the election results in Ohio for the GOP.

Oh my! Votes being tampered with in a key state? Who knew?

At any rate the government of Ohio thought he was important enough to warrant Federal witness protection, though I guess Mukasey does not have to worry about that now.

Marine MP's to be used by the California Highway Patrol to man DUI checkpoints. Active Duty Marines. Isn't that a felony?

Hey, I am all for keeping drunks off the highway. However this sort of thing is illegal. Has been since the end of the Civil War. I'm just saying...

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Just a short update for now. Rest in peace Mr. Connell, you join a long tradition of witnesses against the government who died mysteriously in plane crashes shortly before testifing.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

The Mainstream plays catch-up to the fringe yet again: Homeland Deployment finally being covered.

Homeland Deployment UPDATE!

Well how about that, they even mention Posse Comitatus, I am shocked. Of course this is nothing to worry about. In fact, we should be happy! Yay the troops are coming home! Yay!

After being hardened in the desert, they bring them home to "Restore Order" in case of "Civil Unrest". I wonder what could cause that?

US Officially in a Recession.

Well, maybe the ongoing financial crisis? Maybe...

More later...


The Iraq War Troop Surge of 2007 that everyone was so opinionated about was 20,000 troops. NORTHCOM is deploying 20,000 active duty (I cannot stress that point enough) soldiers on US soil. Why is the Homeland getting a surge? Whats more, where is the outcry about this surge? Hmm? Anyone?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

The Washington Post article refers to Posse Comitatus in passing, in a sort of snide hipster way. "Oh that, yeah, that's like, a federal law, but its like, 120 years old or something man. Live in the now!"

When active duty military start being used for domestic law enforcement, is that undeclared martial law? Remember kids, "domestic counter-terrorism" is law enforement, its the mandate of the FBI.

More reading material...

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