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Conspiracy Corner: Because "Conspiracy Times" and "I WOULD HAVE SEX WITH ALL THIS WHITE GIRLS" were taken.

"I don't have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad. It's a depression. Everybody's out of work or scared of losing their job. The dollar buys a nickel's work, banks are going bust, shopkeepers keep a gun under the counter. Punks are running wild in the street and there's nobody anywhere who seems to know what to do, and there's no end to it. We know the air is unfit to breathe and our food is unfit to eat, and we sit watching our TV's while some local newscaster tells us that today we had fifteen homicides and sixty-three violent crimes, as if that's the way it's supposed to be.

We know things are bad - worse than bad. They're crazy. It's like everything everywhere is going crazy, so we don't go out anymore. We sit in the house, and slowly the world we are living in is getting smaller, and all we say is, 'Please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my toaster and my TV and my steel-belted radials and I won't say anything. Just leave us alone.' Well, I'm not gonna leave you alone. I want you to get mad! I don't want you to protest. I don't want you to riot - I don't want you to write to your congressman because I wouldn't know what to tell you to write. I don't know what to do about the depression and the inflation and the Russians and the crime in the street. All I know is that first you've got to get mad.

You've got to say, 'I'm a HUMAN BEING, Goddamnit! My life has VALUE!' So I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell, 'I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!' I want you to get up right now, sit up, go to your windows, open them and stick your head out and yell - 'I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!' Things have got to change. But first, you've gotta get mad!... You've got to say, 'I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!' Then we'll figure out what to do about the depression and the inflation and the oil crisis. But first get up out of your chairs, open the window, stick your head out, and yell, and say it: 'I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" - Howard Beale, Network

Canadian Bus Beheading, could it be... the Wendigo?

A normal, hard working Chinese immigrant with no priors (certainly not for cannibalism) suddenly kills and eats a man in the middle of the Canadian wilderness? A little strange. On a crowded bus no less, seemingly at random in the dead of night while the man slept.

So far the only statements he has made to the police was to tell them "I have to stay on this bus forever." and he asked the judge at his hearing "Please kill me.". He also seemed to have in his possession a plastic bag containing a human ear, nose, and part of a mouth, presumably from another victim.

He just left his wife and job one day, got on a bus, and started eating his way through the backwoods of Canada. Out on lonely roads. In Wendigo country.

Little weird.

Israeli doctors caught experimenting on non-consenting elderly patients confined to old folks homes. One word, two syllables, sounds like...

So it would seem that illegal medical experiments on unwitting victims is not an exclusive evil to shadowy parts of the US government, the pharmaceutical industry, or Nazi Germany. A group of Israeli doctors decided that old people only had value as subjects of laboratory study. Nice guys.

This case, which started with four doctors and has at last count included at least twelve also brought to light some interesting points about Israeli law. They have (had at the time, a few years ago) no laws concerning what is and is not ethical or permissible in regards to human testing. That's right, can you feel it? Right there in the back of your head. That feeling of "What the fuck?!". Yep, that's it.

After all that was done to their people during the holocaust, the government of Israel did not think it was important to set down guidelines that say you have to get someones permission before preforming medical experiments on them. How fucking odd is that? Wanna hear a better one?

Israel has detailed guidelines in place for medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic testing... on animals.

Oklahoma City Bombing Judge vs. The Volcano

Is it not odd that the cowboy judge in the McVeigh trial was in such a hurry to get things over with that he refused to allow key witness testimony and disallowed substantial amounts of evidence? Evidence that suggested Timmy-Boy did not act alone, and that there might have been explosive devices planted in the building (as initially reported by the police bomb squad, FBI, news media, etc..).

It is odd. Especially when you consider his daughter was killed when she slipped into a crack in a steam vent in a volcano. While her dad was overseeing a case against a company owned by the Bush Family (MDC Holdings, one of the largest home builders in America) she was being wined and dined by a CIA agent. True story. MDC was accused of improper financial dealings with a political campaign (guess) and things looked grim.

Then the judges daughter and her boyfriend she had since shortly before the case went to trial go to Hawaii and she falls in a fucking volcano. He is removed from the case due to being stricken with grief (go figure) and one Sherman Finesilver is appointed to the bench in his place. Finesilver, known for his friendliness with the CIA, overseeing a case against a company owned by a former CIA director (George HW Bush), promptly dismisses all charges against MDC. Justice is served!

A few years later Judge Matsch is sitting in on a case relating to one of the largest acts of domestic terrorism in the nations history (perhaps the worst since Canadians burned down the White House in 1814, those fucking Canadians). The case involves all sorts of shady dealings and deep politics. White supremacists getting material aide from Iranian agents working for the FBI and so on. Does any of this make it in? Nope. Does the judge have a clear consciousness about it? Nope. Did he lose any more children to bizarre accidents? Nope.

Its funny how things like that work out.

What the fuck is W's damage?

So what is W's damage? Is he a closet cokehead? A relapsed alcoholic? Or maybe he's just "fecking queer*"? Who knows.

I do know this however...

At a G8 summit a few years ago Bush committed something of an odd gaff, he groped German Chancellor Angela Merkel without permission... while in session... on his way to the bathroom. According to time stamped pictures from that session he was in the bathroom every ten minutes or so. Each time he emerged more red in the face (nose, upper cheeks), more giddy/happy looking, and more unsteady while walking. Hmm. Or the fact that more than one doctor has said he displays all the classic symptoms of someone with an amphetamine problem.

THEN you have all those pictures of him drinking, despite saying he has not touched the bottle since he was 40. My favorites are from G8 (again! what a party group they must be) with him having dinner with Valdamir Putin (then President of Russia). He had several empty bottles of Bud Light sitting in front of him, a dopey expression, and Putin looking at him like he was having a surprise state dinner with a shit-smeared spastic.

AND you have folks like Karl Rove (son of a famous gay/bondage porn star, no, really, and he was "so wild" in college, so wild he never graduated), Jeff Gannon (high-priced gay rent boy, good friend of Karl Rove, fake journalist), Condi Rice (owns a house with a woman whose last name is Bean of all things, shares bank accounts with her, cars, licks her box, etc..), and Scott Mcclellan (famous face in Austin gay clubs and bars, really chumy with Karl Rove until his tell-most book came out) occuping top positions in the White House. Or in the case of Gannon just staying over a whole bunch. Then there are the sworn testimonies of over 70 former classmates of George Jr. who paint him as a no-shit for real pole smoker. Then there is the church he was "Born Again" at... that just happens to be one of those ministries that specializes in "straightening out" gay people (they even have a summer camp to re-educate gay youth!).

Look, I'm not trying to say anything, but maybe W has some problems he needs to address. It is funny though, with every single gay Republican scandal it usually involves someone "focused on the family" that wants to protect our Christian society from the evils of homo's and child predators. So it wouldn't shock me to learn that the man who supported a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage might have a few pink skeletons in his closet.

I say come on out, out of the closet George, you wouldn't be the first. (first female president, I don't care what anyone says. FDR was not fit to run the country in his last 2 terms. she was the lady in charge)

* * *

I bet that's a phrase you never expected to see "Sexuality of Abraham Lincoln". Well, me either.

/End Transmission.

* I don't hate gay people, I just like saying that. Blame him => []


New issue/post will be along shortly. In the meanwhile you can busy yourself with the old stuff.


Back Issue "High Weirdness by E-Mail [vol. 2 #1]"

Here it is. Issue 1. Enjoy.

A run down of some of the worst gangs in the world.

Cold blooded folks. Its amazing to me how people like to divide themselves up along different lines. Usually by race and ethnicity first, then religion, etc.. Like cells in the body. Howard Bloom's book The Lucifer Principle [] takes a very interesting look into that very basic behavior. Good reading.

Alleged question and answer session with a member of one of the ruling Illuminati bloodlines. [PDF download]

Total rambling bullshit really, but still an interesting read. If nothing else then for how many people who consider themselves enlightened keep asking the same questions over and over.

A FOIA request copy of Nikola Tesla's FBI file. [PDF]

Interesting stuff. Over the years Uncle Sam has admitted to holding back some of his more juicy notes and designs, stuff that was never patented. Its fun to speculate but consider that some of the stuff he invented was totally in the realm of science fiction when he made it, and in some cases for years after. One of the great intellects of the 20th or really any century.

War profiteer/Illuminatus playing cards (like the Iraq's Most Wanted cards issued to soldiers)

Just plain fun.

Guide to how 9/11 was not an inside job, just an unfortunate set of coincidences.. [PDF]

"Go back to bed, America, your government has figured out how it all transpired. Go back to bed America, your government is in control. Here, here's American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up, go back to bed America, here is American Gladiators, here is 56 channels of it! Watch these pituitary retards bang their fucking skulls together and congratulate you on the living in the land of freedom. Here you go America - you are free to do what well tell you! You are free to do what we tell you!" - Bill Hicks

Ritual animal killings on Prince Charles property... Sounds like a plot from 'The Invisibles'..

Of course it seems totally outside the realm of possibility that it was the Prince or his family ritually killing his sheep on his land. Must have been some kids. Having a bit of sport. Move along, nothing to see here.

Alien Rain, not just a possible direct to video sci-fi movie title anymore.

Really a very interesting story, verified by several different international news agencies and scientific organizations. With awesome implications if you subscribe to the panspermia theory. A horrible possibility if you take a view of alien contact being kinda like "The Thing" or "The Andromeda Strain".

Futurama's Head Museum is retro tech, apparently.
BONUS Head Transplant Goodness!

Speaks for itself. Although I have a strange urge to listen to "The Head on the Door" right now.

Panspermia: Not just a geeky porno name anymore.

If we came from meteors, then what else might come from them? These are the questions of our day.

BONUS Life from Space Goodness!

Starting a cult, made easy!

Apparently all you do need is big aviator sunglasses, a bible, and vats of generic Flavor-Aide.

Robert Lansberry & the documentary about him (Don't Call Me Crazy on the 4th of July)

A Pittsburgh staple for many years. Mr. Lansberry claimed that he was the victim of government mind control experiments and that the FBI was stealing his mail. Turns out he was crazy. However he also was the victim of government mind control experiments, and the FBI was stealing his mail.

The Men Who Stare At Goats (website for the book, with excerpts)

An awesome book covering some of the high weirdness your tax dollars pay for. First Earth Battalion strangeness, unusual interrogation techniques, and psychic warfare. Soon to be discredited in the public eye by a fictionalized major motion picture staring George Clooney.

Adolf Hitlers surviving family, strangely enough live on an island best described as a Jewish Reservation.

William "Bill" Hitler. Weird. Apparently his (Hitlers brother) surviving children have a pact to not have children, so that old Adolf's DNA will die with them.

Speaking of Hitler, the Irish are amazing about trying to see the good in people, apparently..

That, plus being openly sympathetic to the Nazi cause until the Blitz is something Im sure the Irish government is happy to let slip down the memory hole. Hey, everyone makes mistakes. I used to wear a t-shirt that said "I <3 Pol Pot". Who knew?

BONUS Octopus & Squid finally being seen for the intelligent creatures they are! Sadly, still yummy.

That is all for now. Enjoy!

/End Transmission.

Back Issue "High Weirdness by E-Mail [vol. 2, #2]"

Its all deep politics, black ops, and religious weirdo's this time. Sounds like a decent weekend to me.

Do you "Love the Cocaine"? The CIA sure does.

A lot of links on this one, but its a fun one. So it goes the web of obfuscation inherit to the world of "deep black" intelligence operations. What picture is painted seems to be a plane (Gulfstream II, a very nice and rather large sort of private jet) packed with a Mexican pilot (with a history of drug running and assorted shady dealings), 3-4 possible CIA agents (possible ICE agents, but the initial reports said CIA, due I think to the plane being rather easily traced back to them), and nearly 4 tons of high grade pure Colombian party favors crashed in Mexico. The pilot and agents survived and scattered quickly, leaving the coke and a ton of questions behind.
The plane was being used for the "Extraordinary Rendition" program before this, so why is it running drugs to the US instead of terrorism suspects to secret prisons? With only a small bit of the puzzle its impossible to say, but one can speculate...

CIA Cocaine? In my inner cities? Its more likely than you think.

One possible use for it. Back in the day (read: the 1980's) one very industrious CIA backed dealer managed to move 4 tons of cocaine (and crack made from said cocaine) over a 5 year period. The company was however importing into some areas 4 tons a month. So... where was all of that extra coke going? I am wondering if their isn't some grand CIA coke depository somewhere. The Strategic National Cocaine Reserve. I imagine it to be in some undisclosed location, rising high into the air like Uncle Scrooge's Money Bin. A giant tower of pure South American powder operated like a private swimming pool for select government officials and persons of significant influence. Staffed at all times by a cadre of the finest products of sex slave mental conditioning (Project MONARCH, an offshoot of MKULTRA, fyi) and entertained by watching that video of Sly Stallone having ritual sex with the dolphin while his nubile underage sex toy looked on with a combination of drugged bewilderment and utter boredom.
Nobody parties like the CIA.

Dispatch from The Bush Ranch...on the Moon (or, rather, next to The Moonies)!

So here is an odd pair. There are more links, but after the last two I figured my dear readers needed a break. Anyways, The Bush Family and the Rev. Moon have both purchased giant pieces of land in Paraguay (600,000 for the Moonies, 100,000 for the Bush family). Of all the places in the world to buy giant parcels of land. It should be noted that the land sits right on top of the Guarani Aquifer, one of the largest sources of fresh drinking water on the planet. Its also a key area for both drug transportation routes and arms traffic, something the government of Paraguay has been trying to stamp out in the area unsuccessfully for over two decades. Good news though, we are now sending troops to the area, so everything should be fine soon.

The moonies say its for an ecological preserve area, Bush rep's say theirs is for a ranch. Of course. A Conneticut Yankee playing at Texas Cowboy in South America, right next to a cult leaders perfect green space preserve. You can't write weirder shit than that.
What is especially weird is how long the Moon and Bush interests have been intertwined...

Now you ask what an ancient (1989) story about child sex parties in the White House that got promptly buried (by the very next issue no less, despite witnesses, victims, credit card receipts, you know... evidence) has to do with the Bush Family/Rev. Moon thing. WELL.
The story and its evidence was exclusive to The Washington Times, a newspaper owned and overseen by the Rev. Moon. The White House of 1989 was the stomping grounds of President Reagan and Vice President George HW Bush. Former director of the CIA, oil magnate, and all around shady guy.
Nothing like the threat of going to prison for the rest of their life for fucking little kids to make someone your BFF. To say nothing of Rev. Moon toppling a large portion of the US government as well. Most people would have been killed for less than that, but its a testament to how sneaky and connected the Rev. Moon is that he managed to lay his hands on such a giant pile of dirty laundry.
In the mid 1990's Rev. Moon and George Bush the Elder toured all over South America together as part of a "Bring Jesus to the Heathen Indians and Idolater Catholics Campaign", a favor Bush was paid around a hundred grand for. Another speaking engagement at a Moon event in London netted him 1.5 million British pounds. BFF.
They do have a lot in common other than business matters, at least in terms of how their kids turned out.

Now days Neil Bush, another son, is the point of contact with Rev. Moon.

As an aside, when Hurricane Katrina struck Barbara Bush , Neil's mommy, made her usual round of cold, nearly sociopathic remarks. Called to task for it she hastily donated some money to the Bush-Clinton relief fund. Though all the money was marked specifically to be used to buy software from Neil Bush's company. Because if anyone needs money for Katrina relief its a Bush kids company based in Austin, Texas.

Pregnant Man gives birth.

Awww... how.. weird. Granted, the father/mother in question is a transgendered woman with her/his original plumbing. Still though. Its sweet in a weird sort of way. Still though, Arnold did it first.

The 2004 Presidential Election: A boxing match between two fighters that both work for Don King.

Not much to say really. Kerry promised to "fight and fight and fight some more" but threw in the towel pretty quick. What do you expect when both men get their marching orders from the same people.

Well, that is all for today. Enjoy the 4th! Its all political, except for the she male, but it is the 4th of July.

/End Transmission.

Back Issue "High Weirdness by E-Mail [vol. 2, #3]"

Here it is, the long awaited next installment of my riveting little e-zine. Its like a poorly xeroxed socialist newsletter you just can not seem to stop reading.

Well stop trying to resist, eh comrade? Read on! Read on!

Y: The Last Eskimo

Gender imbalance is not a major issue usually. Historically there are usually more women than men. A not entirely bad situation that has positive effects both on moral as well as the continuation of our species. However it does become something of an issue when there are no men whatsoever. Also, when all those girls are being born due to mutations caused by toxic waste seeping into the food chain.
PCB's found their way for many decades into the water, and now through the miracle of the food chain have found their way into whales and other large sea going predators in large quantities. Those animals are then eaten by, well, Eskimo's. Or in this case the Inuit's and Dane's who live in Greenland. The chemicals are having an odd effect on women, causing a 2 to 1 birth rate of dolls to guys as well as lower than average birth weights.
The good news is it seems to be mainly indigenous peoples in Greenland, Canada, and Alaska that typical subsist on a diet of marine life that are experiencing this. Which is fine really, I mean, its not like those cultures have any real use for men. Traditionally at least.
While its unlikely that this would ever be a general population issue, in 50 years or so these people may have to abandon their entire way of life. PCB's stick around for a good while. Most countries stopped using them in the 70's and this is just now becoming an issue.

Homeland Security has run out of idea's, now mining comic books for new initiatives.

The article is sparse on hard facts, but it essentially goes like this... The Dept. of Homeland security wants scientists (possibly of the "Mad" variety) to BUILD A WEATHER CONTROL MACHINE! Seriously. They want a device to either sprinkle chemicals into hurricanes (a form of cloud seeding, weather manipulation used here in the US occasionally and recently in China to clear the air for the Olympics) or to cool ocean temperatures where hurricanes form. They would like to be able to at least reduce a storm by 1 full category, an impressive feat. No mention is made of directed weather as a weapon to stop terrorists, but its only a matter of time.
Lex Luthor would be proud.

Karadzic learns the hard way, nobody fucks with the CIA.

A rare thing indeed, a conspiracy getting blown wide open in public. Radovan Karadžić (AKA Dragan David Dabić, we will call him Raddy for short) the former Bosnian Serb President accused of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY (Five counts of crimes against humanity (Article 5 of the Statute - extermination, murder, persecutions on political, racial and religious grounds, persecutions, inhumane acts (forcible transfer); Three counts of violations of the laws of war (Article 3 of the Statute - murder, unlawfully inflicting terror upon civilians, taking hostages); One count of grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions (Article 2 of the Statute - willful killing).[14] Unlawful transfer of civilians because of religious or national identity. From Wikipedia) has been found, captured, and put on trial. Yay! The good guys win!
The problem here is we have known where he was all along. By "we" I mean "The CIA" (and NATO, and the UN, and MI6 it seems). He cut a deal which seems to be "stay out of politics, live as a simple country psychiatrist named 'Dragon' and treat people who have sexual disorders with 'Quantum Energy Treatments', and we won't arrest your sorry genocidal ass and put you on trial at the Hague." Well it seems he put in some calls to his old political party and even chaired a meeting or two for them... and the CIA found out. Big surprise seeing as they had his phone tapped the entire time.
It will be interesting to find out what he gave them in exchange for such an amazing deal.
Makes you wonder, don't it?

More crazy people claim that NASA/"Big Government" is covering up alien contact evidence. By "crazy" I mean "NASA Employee's", and by "NASA Employee's" I mean "Astronauts".

There are few more credible witnesses' you could ask for than astronauts. NASA, especially in the days of the Apollo Program, tested their people more rigorously than anyone. Then consider that almost all of their space boys were picked from the military, so you have all of their mental competency and stress tests. THEN consider that almost all of them have scientific backgrounds as well, doctorates and the like. These men were supposed to be scientist-conquerors of the space-age. King Conan piloting a soup can wearing a tin foil suit and reading the collected works of Nietzsche and Thomas Jefferson. Bringing peace, freedom, and (American) human superiority to the stars.
So now, in their twilight years, more and more of these brave post-Atomic Age supermen are coming forward to say we are not alone. That they and others have seen these things. That elements within the military-intelligence-
industrial complex have knowledge of this, and it is being actively withheld from public view.
Why is anyone's guess. Because people might panic? Because "they" are using alien technology for "their" own benefit? Because "they" have deals with "them"? Because "they" have real idea what "they" are? Because nobody knows if "they" are hostile or not? Who knows.
Between this, some of the witness/evidence combo's from the Disclosure Project, and the recent testimonies of officials involved in the Roswell Incident (more on that later), the case for little green men is looking pretty good.

/End Transmission.

Back Issue "High Weirdness by E-Mail [vol. 2, #4]

The Little Green Men and the Golden Calf. [Part 1]

On July 26th, 1947 President Harry Truman signed the National Security Act. On board a military C-54 transport plan, code named "Sacred Cow", Truman signed with his magic pen a piece of law that would reshape the United States intelligence and military apparatus forever.

This particular bit of legislation put an end to a congressional debate concerning the merger of the US Navy with the Army. It also created the CIA from the remains of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), created the National Security Council, created the US Air Force (formerly a branch of the Army), and allowed for all sorts of juicy intelligence related matters. Curiously enough it allows for classified information under certain conditions, deemed to important for public dissemination to be kept from anyone. The public, Congress, even the President himself (for reasons of, you guessed it, plausible deniability).

While a broad bit of policy making and a shot across the bow of lovers of small government, it does not seem overly weird. Oh sure, the president just created a new intelligence agency with broad powers including the ability to keep secrets even from him, but still, government has done weirder stuff. What is important here is the timing of the thing.

The alleged UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico was exactly 19 days before that.

Suicide Dot Gov
Nothing really to write about here. Just a collection of recent suicides and unexplained deaths. Sad stuff really.

Victim: Perry Kucinich, youngest brother of Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio, former Presidential candidate).
Cause of death: Unknown. (no entry for Perry)

Victim(s): Philp Schneider & Ron Rummel, engineers and government contractors (had high level clearance, they built large underground facilities).
Cause of death(s): Suicide (Phil choked himself with a rubber hose, Ron shot himself in the face in a public park).
Weirdness: Phil's autopsy revealed his wounds were self inflicted, also that he managed to grow back several fingers he was missing and heal various surgical scars on his penis. Ron's suicide note was written right handed, he was a south paw.

Victim: Fred Hutchins, Aide to Senator Jim Webb (D-Virginia)
Cause of Death: Gunshot to the head, not ruled a suicide yet.
Weirdness: 26 years old, loved his job, deeply loyal to Webb, genuine optimism about politics, deeply religious.

Victim: Brig. Gen. Thomas L. Tinsley, commander at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage
Cause of Death: Suicide, gunshot to the chest (shot himself after going to sleep)
Weirdness: Formerly he worked in Washington under then current Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mosley. Mosley got shitcanned by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates for allowing bombers to transport armed nuclear warheads over the continental US. Tinsley was Executive Officer to Mosley, but was under no investigation for anything.

Victim: Dr. Bruce E. Ivins, military scientist and "Anthrax Mailer" suspect.
Cause of Death: Suicide (eating a ton of "Tylenol with Codeine")
Weirdness: Too numerous to mention. Really. No part of the official story makes any sense.,0,1343109.story?track=rss

Phantom Clowns and the Devil's Preschools.

In May of 1981 Investigative Counselor for the Boston School Board alerted the police and FBI to be on the look out for two men dressed as clowns, attempting to lure children into a van.

By that August there were around 250 reports of "Phantom Clowns" trying to lure children into vans. The reports trickled in not just from Boston but also Kansas City Missouri, Omaha Nebraska, Colorado, and even Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Not a single successful abduction was reported in any state. They happened almost always in daylight, near schools, and to groups of children. Rarely individuals.

The clowns alternated between offering candy to the children to get in the van or threatening them from the van with knives. No verified reports feature them chasing any children, just trying to intimidate or coerce them into the van. One of the earliest reports stated that the clown driving the van did so sans pants.

The clowns were never found.

What is fascinating is that these mysterious clowns appeared at the same time as another bizarre trend. What would come to be called Satanic Ritual Abuse Syndrome was also emerging in 1980-1981. Though it was not called such then, allegations of dark rituals, forced abortions, midnight abductions, cannibalism, and general bad-touching was being reported by a growing number of children and teenagers.

What was also reported is that the abuse was not being perpetrated by the usual black wearing, metal music listening, tattoo loving Satanist stereotype (or even for that matter by famous Satanists like Anton LeVey or Sammy Davis jr.). These foul deeds were being committed by parents, family friends, government officials, and religious leaders.

While much was written about the SRA problem into the 90's (when it fell out of favor quicker than Ted Haggard), what is often overlooked is that out of all those cases a fair number in the US and elsewhere were found to have been true. The Satanic elements however were harder to verify. A lot of the "evidence" was extracted by hypnosis and memory regression techniques which have a dubious track record, at best. What is strange is how many of the allegations came out around the same time. One can attribute the "explosion" of the phenomenon to mass hysteria and greedy psychotherapists wanting to get a bit of national attention or a book deal. However not all of it can be explained away so easily.

Telephone Telepathy confirmed. Next up "Vaginokinesis".

Rupert Sheldrake is something of an oddity. A respected biologist who has spent years investigating if humans have the potential for psychic abilities. This is not unheard of in the scientific community. Every now and then someone delves into the crock pot of quackery, weirdness, and new age fruitiness to show the uneducated masses that its a load of shit.

Sheldrake however is getting all kinds of heat because using the scientific method in two different sets of studies he came to the conclusion that yes, it was possible. He then had the nerve to publish in peer reviewed journals and invite others to duplicate his experiments to see what their findings were. So far, it seems at least some of the brave souls who did have come up with strikingly similar results.

He even got interviewed by Richard Dawkins for a special! Of course Dawkins didn't bother to read ANY of his (peer reviewed) papers or results before the interview. He also refused to even look at them (or the folders containing them) during the interview. According to Dawkins he was there to debunk psychic phenomena, evidence be damned. Way to go, Dick.


Sometime in the future, when I have a bottle of Wild Turkey all to myself and enough time to sit and compile everything properly I will be putting out a special edition of the newsletter. There will be one topic only. Its well researched by smarter men than myself, but that didn't stop me from going over every bit of evidence I could dig up anyway. The sort of obsessive dirt-digging that makes me almost wish I would have gone to college (film studies major with a minor in journalism, would you like fries with that?).

The topic concerns high crimes and misdemeanors comited here and abroad by people whose names you might know. Crimes that nobody will ever be brought to trial for, despite piles of evidence. No one guilty at least.

Its something that nearly gave me a nervous break down researching some weeks ago. I stopped because my loving wife asked me to, as she could see the ruinous effect it was having on me. It had this effect because it became very clear very quickly that it was all true. It was all true and not one fucking thing can be done about it. You can see the guilty parties on TV and hear them on the radio, you might even run into them on the streets of major American cities or on vacation in exotic places, but you cannot touch them. In the literal or figurative sense, they are both untouchable and guilty as hell.

This newsletter is something I do for fun, to pass away a few spare minutes here and there and to amuse (and maybe inform) my friends and associates. This particular topic however is not fun. Its weird sure, but not fun.

/End Transmission.

Back Issue "High Weirdness by E-Mail [vol. 2, # 5]"

"Our Impulses are being re-directed.
"We are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep. The poor and the underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are nonexistent.
They have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices ...their intention to rule rests with the annihilation of consciousness.
We have been lulled into a trance.
They have made us indifferent, to ourselves, to others, we are focused only on our own gain. They are safe as long as they are not discovered ...that is their primary method of survival. Keep us asleep, keep us selfish, keep us sedated...they are dismantling the sleeping middle class.
More and more people are becoming poor. We are their cattle. We are being bred for slavery." - Television Hacker, They Live

The Biscardi Bigfoot [in 5 parts, watch'em all, good show]

ITS A FUCKING HOAX! The hicks put an expensive Bigfoot costume (Sasquatch: The Costume, seriously) in a freezer, draped some very clean looking entrails on its stomach, and called it a day. My god if I see this in the news one more time I am going to shit in a NASCAR hat and mail it to these redneck scumfucks. People like you are why legitimate fringe shit gets laughed at despite evidence. Seriously now, the History Channel managed to get an 18" bloody footprint from a sasquatch after it stepped on a board filled with screws (accidentally placed where the creature had ransacked a cabin a few times before), and got DNA evidence from the blood and tissue left behind. Findings? The DNA was tested by two different labs and found to be "Almost great ape DNA< but not exactly". Great ape's have (I could be wrong, either my memory or knowledge of monkey DNA, please forgive) 2 base pair deviations from humans, the sasquatch DNA had one of the two deviations. So whatever left the blood, footprint, and flesh behind on the screws and wood was CLOSER TO HUMANS THAN APES, BUT NOT STILL NOT HUMAN. Did that make the news? Nope. Accredited scientists analyzing the most concrete evidence yet produced that an unknown species of great ape exists in North America gets no press, but two dipshits from the deep south with a Halloween costume in their freezer is front page on CNN/ABC News/MSNBC/FOX News/etc... several times while RUSSIA GOES TO WAR WITH A U.S. ALLY and Pakistan is set to fucking implode over Mussarafs impending impeachment. *sigh*

Unknown underground city discovered in Kansas.

So it was probably constructed in the early to mid 1800's, and abandoned sometime in the early 1900's. Beyond that nobody seems to have any idea about it. There were streets, shops, possibly homes, all constructed underground. Like the Seattle underground, only secret and weird. Even the old timers don't seem to have any idea about it. Those who say they have heard of it claim no information as to who used it or for what.


Truth in Advertising [Thanks Amanda!]

Psychological Warfare operations against the United States were in full swing by the late 1850's, and they continue to this day. Not from an aggressive foreign power attempting to undermine our sovereignty or way of life, no it originates instead from right here at home.


Our Corporate Masters (Sorry, did that sound too crazy? I can never tell) have over the years employed some fairly dastardly tactics ranging from cute kittens, to casual name dropping in generic hip-hop songs, to outright attempts at mind control (subliminal messages, blipverts*, low frequency audio messages).

Where am I going with this? Nowhere really. Just that its kinda fucked up that the same tactics that have been designed for either psychological warfare or mind control are also used to sell us cars and shoes and breast implants.

Also on this subject, its pretty fucked up when for years some crazy people have said the government was broadcasting messages that only they could hear. Nobody of course believes anyone who says that. Why would you? Its insane.

New Freedom Mental Health [or Take your damn Prozium. With contributions by my lovely wife, again!],2933,132397,00.html

This is the sort of nonsense that would make Orwell turn angry with rage. Big Government, not content to let the masses find their own means of diversion from the crushing banality of the modern world has decided the next generation is going to get a head start. Instead of discovering things like anti-anxiety pills, mood stabilizers, uppers, downers, screamers, laughers all on their own after a phase of difficult teenage angst, they want children on the shit. Ready made customers for the pharmaceutical industry, a nations of pill-popping go-getters before their sneakers hit the carpet of kindergarten.

The best part of all, is its federal standards that will determine if your children need hoped up on government issue happy pills. If you refuse to medicate junior, no problem, he becomes a ward of the state as you are obviously unfit parents. Thats it. You lose your kids, hell, you might even get to do a little time for your trouble. Won't that be nice. Your kid rots his brain in a minimum security federal orphanarium, while you do a nickel in the joint for child abuse. Fantastic!

On the plus side, your kids will be taken care of. I mean sure they will be doped up on anti-psychotics and whatever anti-depressants are in vogue, but at least the will be safe and cared for...

Government allows Big Pharmacy to use UNDERAGE ORPHAN CHILDREN in AIDS drug trials.

That is seriously fucked up. Of course its also nothing new. Experiments were conducted by such nefarious and clandestine groups as the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, the Food and Drug Administration, oh, and the CIA (just throw them in for good measure) on unsuspecting civilians for years. Decades even. We all know about the Tuskegee experiments, but how many of us hear about the experiments that filled mental patients with uranium and radium just to see how long it takes to kill you from the late 1940's till the late 1970's? Or the CIA and their pet mind control experiments (MKULTRA, Project: Artichoke, to name a few) that filled unknowing soldiers with LSD, or broke peoples minds with continuous brain washing techniques to see how effectively they could rewire a persons brain (Ted Kaczynski was a product of such experiments, he sadly volunteered for the extra cash while in college, I wonder if he was considered a success).

The difference these days is outsourcing.

I said a lot about past experiments up there but little about the subject. The actual subject is one of those things that gets my blood boiling. I guess too many comic books have left me with a warped sense of civic responsibility, but picking on defenseless people always pisses me off.

They subjected healthy wards of the state, as well as infected wards of the state, with experimental AIDS treatments. No numbers are being released, so there is no way of knowing how many kids were used or how many of them died. No way of knowing how many healthy kids might have been infected by faulty vaccines. I am all for science, but for christs sake how about a little informed consent? Is that too much to ask?


*Blipverts are a reference to 'Max Headroom'. Although a subliminal ad technique bearing the same name does exist. Funny thing.

"They use their tongues to deceive,
The venom of snakes is under their lips,
Their mouths are full of bitterness and curses,
And in their paths nothing but ruin and misery,

The fear of God is not before their eyes,
They have taken the hearts and minds of our leaders,
They have recruited the rich and the powerful,
And they have blinded us to the truth,

Our human spirit is corrupted,
Why do we worship greed?
Because, outside the limit of our sight, feeding of us,
Perched on top us from birth to death,

Are our owners, our owners,
They have us,
They control us,
They are our masters,


They are all about you, all around you." - Street Preacher, They Live

Back Issue "High Weirdness by E-Mail [vol. 2 #6]"

I will post the rest after I get them cleaned up a bit. My spelling is terrible.

* * *

"The battle for the mind of North America will be fought in the video arena: the Videodrome. The television screen is the retina of the mind's eye. Therefore, the television screen is part of the physical structure of the brain. Therefore, whatever appears on the television screen emerges as raw experience for those who watch it. Therefore, television is reality, and reality is less than television." - Prof. Brian O'Blivion, Videodrome

Private For-Profit Prisons are pretty fucked up.

No conspiracy here per se, only something that is rather more than a little fucked up. The state (read: gov'ment) is paying private companies to house and take care of criminals. Private Prisons. Just let that concept simmer in your brain. Private. Prisons. Private companies having custodial rights over American citizens for the duration of their incarceration. Its a little weird.

Is there anything we won't outsource anymore? I suppose they should thank their lucky stars we don't outsource this particular job to India as well.

Of course, there are some elements that might make most people a little bit anxious about this prospect, beyond that there are private prisons. Like offering cash incentives for local law enforcement to round up more perps. Or the fact that like publicly funded jails these have work shops where prisoners are required to put in 40 hours a week. Making things. Things these companies are contracted to make for other companies. Things they sell. For money. While the prisoners get the state minimum pay for prison work, about $15 a month seems like the average.

Does this whole prison angle sound like a publicly acceptable veneer for slavery? It would certainly lean in that direction.

Working while paying your debt to society is one thing. Public works is fine by me. Making license plates, clearing roads of litter, substitute teaching, whatever. However these prisoners are working manufacturing jobs for the private sector, for slave wages.

If you are generally unsympathetic to the plight of criminals, that is fine, look at it this way. The illegal immigrant workforce everyone is so against this election cycle steals jobs nobody wants (the ass-end of the aggro biz)*, but these prisoners are being forced to work what would otherwise be honest, high paying manufacturing jobs. The sorts of jobs that "left for overseas" and ruined most of middle America's economy. Midwestern ghost towns dot the land in places where "the factory closed" and took the population and economy with it. Now those jobs are coming back. These prisons open in depressed areas and offer a temporary boon to the local population with construction and support jobs. Once its built maybe a few hundred jobs at best for guards and admin staff. Then 20,000 manufacturing jobs staffed exclusively by slave labor, making money that nobody but the company owning the prison will see.

You want a good job Middle America? One of those well-paying, medically insured, retirement package having, unionized factory jobs that damned company gave to those dirty Chinamen? It’s easy, just go to jail.

Behind door number 3 is.... The Partnership for a Drug Free America!

When you send your kids to school, theoretically, you meet their teachers at some point. After all, its nice to know who is going to be the major force in shaping their young, impressionable minds (other than you, and the teevee). Get to know the teacher, sit'em down for a friendly chat, discuss grades, juniors ability to relate to other kids, etc... Good policy I say.

Here's the problem. There are some people that aim to educate your children, and you, about all kinds of things and you generally have no clue whatsoever who they are. This is a bad thing.

Have no fear loyal reader; Old Saucy James has done the work for you this time! Well, for this one topic and one group, but it is kind of a big one.

You see my intrepid friends there is a group known as much by its name as its idiotic public service announcements. The Partnership for a Drug Free America.

This non-profit group was started in 1986 (2 years after the "Crack Epidemic" started, and then quickly spread out from, LA) by Richard O'Rielly of the AAAA (American Association of Advertising Agencies) as well as being the marketing genius behind Reagan's media campaign. Mr. O'Rielly, seeing opportunity and having the government contacts to do something with it, formed TPFADFA post-haste.

Soon the airwaves were filled with Nancy Reagan telling you about the dangers of trench-coated thugs on playgrounds pushing dope to your young (fortunately just saying No seems to get them off your back), while George HW Bush gave America a detailed description of the effects of Crack (as well as its cost, where to find it, and showing us what it looked like). All of this thanks to TPFADFA.

But you ask, James, how did TPFADFA America get to do all this? Surely Nancy Reagan and the fucking VICE President don't come cheap? That is true, they did it with money! Some of it was even your tax dollars! That however was a fairly small percentage of the funding.

The rest came from drugs.

You see, the partnership that is spoken of is one between legal purveyors of drugs, advertisers and the government. The money (always, always follow the money) came from alcohol (Anheuser-Busch), tobacco (American Brands, RJ Reynolds, Philip-Morris), pharmaceuticals (Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck, Hoffmann-LaRoche, Johnson & Johnson, CIBA-GEIGY/Pharmaceuticals Division, Dow Chemical), private prison builders/government contractors (Bechtel Group, Halliburton), banking giants (Citibank, Bear-Sterns, The Fuji Bank and Trust Company) and advertising agencies (Proctor & Gamble, beyond them it was founded by the chair of the AAAA and had its backing from day one).

As an aside the PFADFA is funded by pharmacutical giant Johnson & Johnson from three different sources. From corporate HQ (Johnson & Johnson), from the founders personal charitable organization (J. Seward Johnson Sr. Charitable Trusts), and from a former CEO's charitable trust (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation).

So, with all of that, I wonder how objective and altruistic their goals of turning the children against the horrors of illegal drugs really are.

It should be noted that currently no tobacco or alcohol firms directly fund the group, but charities that they fund in turn give to TPFADFA. Also it should be noted for Ken's information that among the food and drink interests that provide funding RJ Nabisco is on the list. I wonder what their interest in drugs is...**

Danny Casolaro, PROMIS, and The Octopus [Part 1]

Before we delve into the life of this man, lets look at how he died, shall we?

He was found in a bathtub full of blood in a hotel, his wrists and arms were slashed 6 times each (a grand total of 12), the cuts were deep enough on most to hit bone, his room was empty of personal items save some clothes and a suicide note saying he was sorry for something terrible he did (not specified, just that it was terrible) and that god would forgive him.

This sounds tragic indeed, but not overly weird. However...

He was afraid of blood, especially his own. He often refused simple medical procedures if they involved any kind of blood draw. His wrists were slashed to the bone and twelve times at that, also the wounds indicated the razor was pulled away from his body, not in the direction of it. He always carried a large accordion file and several notebooks containing information for a book he was writing, those were never found. His suicide note wasn't in his handwriting, it wasn't signed, it mentioned no family by name, and it mentioned looking forward to forgiveness from god (he was a staunch atheist).

So yeah, apart from that it seems like a pretty open and shut suicide, right?

The subject of his book? Something he called "The Octopus". A conspiracy involving a handful of top government and military officials up to some very bad shit. Books like this are written all the time, no biggie.

Danny's problem came when he actually started getting close to this group, which apparently does or at least did exist. He found the best, quickest, most provable way to track their dirty deeds back to them; the IRS. Danny found a contact highly placed in the Internal Revenue Service who had hard information of the dealings of this group via their financial records, personal and work-related, and this guy wanted to talk. He talked alright, he talked and then Danny went to meet another contact in West Virginia, a mysterious fellow whom he had never met before. Some of his shadowy military and intelligence contacts put him onto. Some of the same men who had gone from feeding Danny information to warning him he was too close to something really big, and his life was in danger.

One of the last things he said to his brother was "If something happens to me in West Virginia, it will not be an accident.". A journey that started out with an investigation into the Pentagon stealing software from a small company ended with a mans death. If he wasn't onto something else, then that is a lot of trouble to go to just to avoid paying to renew your software license.

CIA Drug Connection 2, or, How I learned to stop worrying about poor inner city minorities and love Crack Cocaine. [Part 1 of "Dark Alliance", the rest is there too]

Did some of that unaccounted for cocaine that the CIA pumped into America in the early to mid-eighties start the crack epidemic? Survey says, yeah, probably. At least according to this crazy, left-wing, non-mainstream conspiracy group called the Department of Justice (with their crazed, uninformed, barking at the moon appointed leader, the Attorney General).

Guys like "Freeway" Ricky Ross made hundreds of millions of dollars in the crack biz, with Ricky arguably one of the most successful. He set up crack houses (for distribution, not for random crackheads to crash at) in poor neighborhoods so people didn't have to drive or bus to get their crack, they could just walk down the street. These houses had little windows on the side where you walked up, handed a man some money, and he handed you some quality rock (made only from the finest imported powder), you walk away a happy customer.

I wonder where Ricky got his business model. Hey man, it works.

Anyways, it seems that Ricky and those like him got the idea for pure, smokable, cheap, and highly addictive cocaine from some guys who did business in Florida and the Caribbean. These guys turned out to be South-American Contras, who turned out to be running the drugs into the states with the approval and help of some guys from the CIA.

The question is, who invented Crack and then unleashed it knowingly on the public. Good question, but it wasn't Ricky like some people like to say. Ricky was a drop out with no knowledge of chemistry. Also, Ricky has never been to "da islands" which is where crack was first discovered by local cops in late 1979. Not in LA, where the media and government will tell you the drug was first cooked and sold. It was in the Bahamas, one of the two routes which the CIA/Contra Cocaine Express was rocking its way into the US by. Funny that.

Finally something not in the Your Government and Big Business are Fucking You genre... Israeli Exoskeleton (that looks amazingly like a Japanese one...) allows a paralyzed man to walk.

One step closer to powered armor... one step closer. An exciting time to be, um, paralyzed. Well yeah, I guess its never a good time to be paralyzed. Still though, this is pretty cool. I can't wait until the HAL unit goes up for sale. That will be the DIY hobby project for the next decade. Fuck customizing your motorcycle (that I dislike motorcycles), why do that when you can ad-on and improve your POWERED EXOSKELETON.

Sign me up.

Just wait till Cyberdyne (yeah, they have a real evil robot fixation. The Japanese are so weird) and Argo Tech start feuding over patents, exclusivity contracts, and international distribution rights to their products. In the grim future of biomedical technology there is only war!

* * *

I was going to do a bit about TV mind control rays, but I figured that would shoot my credibility in the dick on this other stuff. Not that I have much credibility, but still, best to save the really crazy stuff for later.

Next time I may include that gem, as well as a collection of weird, work safe, photographs since Chad H asked me to ever so nicely. He likes pictures. He likes... to watch.

/End Transmission.

* Yes, I have friends who have worked those jobs several seasons in a row. White friends. White friends who reported that they saw less than a dozen other white hands picking berries and other assorted produce, in total, the entire time. Its not that they weren't welcome, farms like that never have a "hiring freeze" during the summer, its that the white kids would wuss out after an hour or two in the sun. Seriously. The illegals would work it all day because they needed the money. The whites would give up in disgust, deciding to go back home and find a real job. Yes, illegals have those jobs, but there are still more! There always have been! This whole damned thing is a giant smoke-screen issue! A straw man argument so you won't notice what is actually going on around you! Don't worry about the poison in the water that your government pays companies to put there for your own good, no no! Don't look at how we are openly torturing POW's or arbitrarily declaring who gets what rights and where and oh my god the Geneva conventions are so quaint aren't they? Pay no attention to how corporate America pumps millions of dollars into education so that marketing and advertising students can be instructed on the best ways to keep you asleep and force-feed you and your children mediocrity and fast food, until we are a nation of homogenized, identically dressed, borderline obese, obedient wage-slaves punching a clock instead of griping a slave collar, oh no! The real problem we face is gay people getting married! My god! Panic! The gays are choosing to partner with someone for life out of love, the Mexicans are picking our lettuce! Lettuce that Citizens (Code for: WHITE PEOPLE) should be picking! Panic in the streets!

** I don't think the Nabisco factory was used for the mass manufacture of crack. Ricky Ross alone had dozens of houses that were used exclusively for cooking the crack, so it was an industrial operation, albeit a very decentralized one. Which is the smart way to do it.

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