Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Posse Comitatus, 1878-2007

...and goodnight [Homeland Deployment UPDATE]. [The fascist asshole responsible]

Tucked into the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act of 2007 was a provision to end the long standing Federal law (The Posse Comitatus Act) Preventing active duty US Military from being used for domestic law enforcement.

Slipped it right in there, along with provisions for security clearances, being nice to Iraqi kids, developing new radios and non-line-of-sight based artillery, and military personal having to pay for their own abortions at military hospitals overseas.

Here is the amendment in its entirety. Follow the link above to read the whole bill if your interested. The amendment was proposed before and rejected, so it got tacked onto something that had to be passed otherwise you look like a terrorist who does not support the troops.

(12) H.Amdt. 814
by Rep. Goode [R-VA]
Amendment authorizes the Secretary of Defense to assign members of the Armed Forces, under certain circumstances and subject to certain conditions, to assist the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection and the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement of the Department of Homeland Security with preventing the entry of terrorists, drug traffickers, and illegal aliens into the United States.
Proposed: May 11, 2006. Accepted: May 11, 2006.
An amendment numbered 8 printed in House Report 109-461 to authorize the Secretary of Defense to assign members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, under certain circumstances and subject to certain conditions, to assist the Department of Homeland Security (upon its request) in the performance of border protection functions.
May 11, 2006. On agreeing to the Goode amendment (A012) Agreed to by recorded vote: 252 - 171 (Roll no. 141). [View Details]

Also remember kids that our "boarders" now extend one hundred miles back from the actual boarders/coasts.

People wonder why I drink.

+ + +

Yeah, another small one. Sorry about that. Again real life is hitting me with more than I can reasonably deal with and still maintain the balance of righteous indignation, extreme paranoia, and careful research it takes to write this blog. Back on track soon, I promise.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Its that time of year again... for political assasinations.

Mike Connell, A GOP "IT Guru" working for Karl Rove died in a plane crash. He was set to testify about vote tampering in Ohio. Testify against Karl Rove and the Bush Administration.

He crashed his single prop plane 3 miles short of the runway. Which could very well be an accident. Lots of experienced pilots make errors that cost them their lives. Its a tragic time of year to lose your life.

Of course if you are set to testify against your former bosses in a trial concerning a giant pile of felonies including vote tampering, your sudden and unusual death needs to be looked at more closely. Mr. Connell was claiming, and the state prosecution was taking him at his word, that Karl Rove (acting on orders from the GOP higher ups and El Presidente) instructed him to rig the election results in Ohio for the GOP.

Oh my! Votes being tampered with in a key state? Who knew?

At any rate the government of Ohio thought he was important enough to warrant Federal witness protection, though I guess Mukasey does not have to worry about that now.

Marine MP's to be used by the California Highway Patrol to man DUI checkpoints. Active Duty Marines. Isn't that a felony?

Hey, I am all for keeping drunks off the highway. However this sort of thing is illegal. Has been since the end of the Civil War. I'm just saying...

+ + +

Just a short update for now. Rest in peace Mr. Connell, you join a long tradition of witnesses against the government who died mysteriously in plane crashes shortly before testifing.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

The Mainstream plays catch-up to the fringe yet again: Homeland Deployment finally being covered.

Homeland Deployment UPDATE!

Well how about that, they even mention Posse Comitatus, I am shocked. Of course this is nothing to worry about. In fact, we should be happy! Yay the troops are coming home! Yay!

After being hardened in the desert, they bring them home to "Restore Order" in case of "Civil Unrest". I wonder what could cause that?

US Officially in a Recession.

Well, maybe the ongoing financial crisis? Maybe...

More later...


The Iraq War Troop Surge of 2007 that everyone was so opinionated about was 20,000 troops. NORTHCOM is deploying 20,000 active duty (I cannot stress that point enough) soldiers on US soil. Why is the Homeland getting a surge? Whats more, where is the outcry about this surge? Hmm? Anyone?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

The Washington Post article refers to Posse Comitatus in passing, in a sort of snide hipster way. "Oh that, yeah, that's like, a federal law, but its like, 120 years old or something man. Live in the now!"

When active duty military start being used for domestic law enforcement, is that undeclared martial law? Remember kids, "domestic counter-terrorism" is law enforement, its the mandate of the FBI.

More reading material...

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mini-Update: Alien life? You fucking bet!

News of the AWESOME from India: Indian "Red Rain" verified as extraterrestrial life. [PDF Download of the paper] [Older CNN article]

Well, this is pretty fucking awesome. Its a shame this so far is being met by the international press and American scientific community with much putting of fingers in ears and humming loudly.

Maybe because its life Jim, but not as we know it. "Weird Life" as NASA calls it, non-oxygen-breathing-carbon-
based-water-drinking life. Maybe because its any sort of life from space. Personally, I cannot think of a single valid reason not to be screaming this to the four winds night and day. Fuck the potential social or religious problems predicted to come with the revelation of life elsewhere in the universe. Most religions will adapt, they always do. If they can not, well that's life for you.

Look to the skies ladies and gentleman. Go out tonight and look at the stars with the same childlike wonder you had before adults told you there was no such thing as little green men. No UFO's, no life on other worlds, no green Orion slave girls to bang. Look up and smile.

We are not alone in the universe.

BONUS: The best UFO photographs ever taken.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Steve Fossett UPDATE: ...still dead.

"We don't really understand what causes events to happen. History is the fiction we invent to persuade ourselves that events are knowable and that life has order and direction. That's why events are always reinterpreted when values change. We need new versions of history to allow for our current prejudices." - Calvin & Hobbes, by Bill Watterson

Bush thinks the EPA guidelines relating to radioactive material levels in drinking water are a bit too tough, relaxes them for the freedom and liberty of big business. Hope you don't mind flipper babies.

Typically an outgoing Administratum does all kinds of things that they always wanted to do but could not before for one reason or another. Staying up late playing spirited games of "Out the deep cover CIA Agent", "Pin-the-Military on another country full of brown people and oil", or "Turn the paranoid eye of the intelligence community almost entirely on the American public illegally-A-Boo" are old hat for the White House's outgoing residents.

No no, not this time. Nothing as simple as that. These are the last days of executive privilege, of signing statements, of Presidential pardons. No concern for opinion polls or permanent Republican majorities. No consequences. This is where the real party begins.

So before the flurry of pre-emptive pardons for war crimes begin (true story, more later) lets look at other area's where the walls are coming down.

The EPA.

I feel bad for the EPA, I really do. There are only two reasons I can think of to pursue a career in the Enviromental Protection Agency. The first being you aspire to pay for your house and mistress's condo with money illegally placed in your offshore bank account by the military-industrial complex for looking the other way, the second because you actually want to protect the damn enviroment. The later seem to be outnumbered by three to one and fight an uphill battle against an oponent with unlimted money, lobbying power far above the agencies head, and their own corrupt beuracracy.

Then the President comes along and makes it harder.

Bush & Co. think that the EPA guidelines are hurting the free market by constraining big business with needless and excessively left-wing liberal communist environmental protections. What do those godless socialist anti-free market restrictions cover?

Radioactive material. Apparently we need more radioactive isotopes in our drinking water. Mmmm dergulation. I can practicly taste the cancer now .

The RAND corporation is actively lobbying the Pentagon and Congress to start a war with a major superpower (China or Russia) to stimulate the US ecconomy. That is what we like to call extreme measures.

The problem with think-tanks is sometimes smart people don't look at all possible implications of an idea. They see numbers, they see effects of whatever system the seek to influence, they don't see numbers as people. They don't see the potential cost on a personal level.

Of course this is worse when the think tank involved is a CIA puppet/co-conspirator. At that point the obliviousness to human misery is replaced by criminal indifference to anything but the continued economic superiority of a handful of American business interests.. woo, deep breath.

The RAND Corporation is actively, though quietly, lobbying the Pentagon, Congress, and the Bush White House (Obama's as well I presume) on the merits of picking a fight with China or Russia in order to stimulate the ecconomy. Yes, that is right, another war. On a third front. Against the two nations who could actually stand against us (or U.S. depending on how you want to say it).

While true during WW2 that nothing gets the country going like a good war, that paradigm is no longer applicable. When we were a manufacturing giant, sure. However times are tough for the fly-over states and the old US of A does not produce nearly as much anymore. What are we going to do? Try to keep buying gear from China while waging war on them? Have our soldiers go into combat in jeans and worn out NASCAR shirts?

Well, we could solve that problem by going to war with Russia, right? Wrong! China and Russia have something called a mutual defense pact. A treaty that says if we attack one of them, we attack both. So we would be fighting on four fronts I suppose.

Maybe Mike "Brownie" Brown got hired by RAND after his tenure with FEMA came to an abrupt end.

For the Fatherland Homeland: More illegal home front active duty troop deployment news.

The ACLU is now requesting all sorts of information about NORTHCOM's deployment of active duty troops on U.S. soil (which happened back on October 1st, and continues...). It seems that NORTHCOM is laughing at their puny little Freedom of Information Act request.

The incoming administration so far has no comment about the homeland deployment, and its upcoming enlargement.

We said "bring home the troops", they said "OK, we'll bring home the troops"... Protestors need to be more specific I suppose.


+ + +

Real life has been occupying my attention of late. Not so much that I don't sit around worrying about this sort of thing, just enough that I never seem to have the time to write. I suppose thats the game though. If you spend all your time trying to survive, you don't have the chance to think about your situation.

/End Transmission.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Gnomes of Argentina, Missing Playboy Adventurers, Homeland Fascism: Things are back to normal.

Steve Fossett Watch UPDATE: Perhaps Steve reached the 8th Dimension in spirit, or, Why you should never trust people from parallel universes.

So Steve Fossett did depart our dimension after all, only in a depressingly conventional way. While it seems he did survive an impossible crash, he did not survive his injuries, or exposure, or wild animals.

Rest in peace, Steve. May your adventuring spirit inspire others to not just live life on the edge, but shoot past it as fast as possible. Also, may your example prove to people once and for all that aliens regardless of their origin are probably not benevolent.

Argentina vs. The Little People,2933,336750,00.html

A strange creature is stalking remote areas in Argentina's urban sprawl. The residents are frightened, the authorities are concerned, and there is even alleged video tape of them. What has everyone so worried? Gnomes.

It might all be a case of mass hysteria. Then again, film footage of hallucinations is in short supply.

Hoax? Probably, but a weird one. Gnomes? Of all the things to fake in Argentina for attention.

The witnesses who shot the footage in both cases are apparently refusing to leave their homes, for fear of the creatures. In each case the camera gets dropped after a scream is heard off camera. If the videos were not faked by the same people then its an odd coincidence.

It could be a midget, running around the slums at night with a pointy hat and a hand gun. That would make you scream like a girl.

100 Miles from the border and you are still not in America. Welcome to the "Constitution Free Zone" that includes more than 190 Million Americans, or 2/3rds of the population.

These days The Ministry of Homeland Security has a lot on its plate. Between getting in on drug busts (Narco-Terrorism), nabbing hackers (Cyber-Terrorism), and hanging out in airports stealing peoples laptops (Business Commuter-Terrorism) they have a great many fingers in America's pies. Whats next for this well funded and poorly chartered agency? Border security!

Well, they already do that to. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is their shiny new border patrol arm, which handles most of their anti-drug efforts. That sounds fair, right? Drug dealers are like terrorists I guess. I mean, they had all those ads that showed kids buying weed were actually funding Osama's efforts to rule the world or something. So thats good, right?

Well it might be, if not for the fact that the border they are defending is one hundred miles deep. See? I got to the point eventually.

One hundred miles. Sort of like saying the Pittsburgh city cops have jurisdiction from downtown Pittsburgh to Fairmont, West Virginia. Homeland Security is claiming this tiny stretch of area from the borders, including the coastlines as its "Constitution-Free Zone" as traditionally border guards could get away with more-or-less what they wanted in searching your vehicle and person for contraband. The borders are kind of a gray area where your rights too privacy, search-n-seizure, and such are concerned.

DHS liked this idea so much, they wanted to share it with everyone who lives within 100 miles of a border or coastline. Which means about 190 million people. The US population is about 300 million. Nice, eh? Already agents have been testing the waters of their new jurisdiction with alarming regularity and success. The best example so far is a bathroom tile salesman who had his car interior torn out by DHS while he sat in handcuffs next to the road. His crime? They wanted to search his car, since he was at "the border" and he would not consent. The "border" was on the interstate a mile south of San Diego.

The ACLU has a handy map showing the new border area's where you can be subject to whatever DHS feels like. I am still trying to get over the name they are calling it... Constitution-Free Zone. I am sure that will change soon, I can't imagine that will prove to be a popular name.

Iranian cargo ship full of harmless building supplies and minerals (weapons grade refined uranium from China) UPDATE! The UN asks US to clean up the mess.

So that Iranian ship carrying radioactive material from China back to Iran that was hijacked by Somali pirates that nobody wants to talk about? Yeah it seems the United Nations is asking the US Navy (strictly on the down low) to quietly dispose of it, as most of the pirates are now dead from radiation poisoning and the ship is hotter that my wife in a black mini skirt.

Yeah, I can see how nobody is talking about this. Nothing newsworthy really. Nothing at all. Pirates. Illegal shipments of uranium for nuclear weapons from China to Iran. China, our good buddies whom we owe so much money to, shipping nuke supplies to Iran, our new enemy of the week in the Middle East.

The Chinese are giving the Iranians enough rope to hang themselves with. How long do you think they will sit on nukes before they get antsy enough to use them? Or dumb enough to sell them to someone? Then we go to war again. War costs money. We have no money. Where do we get money? China.

Man, do they have a good racket going or what?

Nothing to see here people, move along.

+ + +

Back to normal.

/End Transmission.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

In the Grim Future of Blogging, There is Only Dr. Wife

It is that time again, Ladies and Non-Ladies. Not since the 2006 Congressional Elections have I been compelled to crawl (red-eyed and ill-smelling) from my coffin before noon to cast a vote, then monitor the newsfeeds. But I've got a pot of coffee on and some whiskey to spike it with, so I give you...

Dr. Wife's Live 2008 Election Night Extravaganza!

3:12 PM: This blog's usual Commandant and I just returned from our local polling place. It only took us 25 minutes to find it, as it actually seemed to be attempting to obscure itself from the eyes of prying voters.

Despite what I'd been promised by the AP Newswire, there were no lines at all, really. A few helpful old women aided us in casting our ballots on those wretched machines. I spent at least 30-45 seconds attempting to glare it into submission before actually voting. It wasn't Diebold, but that doesn't mean much as far as I can tell. I haven't taken my mediation yet today, so the lack of a paper trail is still worrying me.

3:29 PM: BBC News has constructed an extremely useful article concerning both the changing political landscape of the United States and also the Electoral College. They are also listing early (very, very early) predictions from various sources as to which way those Electors will vote. Those predictions are as follows:

CQ POLITICS: Obama 311/ McCain 157
REAL CLEAR POLITICS: Obama 291/ McCain 132
POLLSTER.COM: Obama 311/ McCain 142
NEW YORK TIMES: Obama 291/ McCain 163

Granted, these predictions are coming early enough so as to be almost useless, but it's been a bleak 8 years, so I'll take my comfort wherever I can get it. Onward!

5:15 PM: Some exit polls have just been released, and DrudgeReport is calling 7 new seats in Congress for democrats, bringing them up to 58. This is a simple majority, of course, but still 2 seats short of the three-fifths majority required to invoke cloture.

6:15 PM: MSNBC is reporting fairly sweeping voting machine malfunction in Virginia and Pennsylvania--both swing states, of course. HOWEVER, DrudgeReport is reporting a 15 point lead for Obama in PA regardless, although, as always, they site no sources. Sigh.

7:35 PM: RESULTS ARE ROLLING IN! CNN has called Kentucky for McCain and Vermont for Obama, making the score thus far:


The 8 o'clock hour is a big one, with polls closing in: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas, so everyone take a sedative, and hunker down for the wait...

8:00 PM: Curse you CNN! They are calling South Carolina for McCain, despite the fact that a) Obama is winning 55% to 45%, and, b) only 1% of precincts are reporting. How the crap does that work?

Still haven't heard anything about California's Proposition 8 success or failure, but polls in CA don't close until 11PM Eastern Standard.

8:05 PM: Results are pouring in from the states in which polls closed at 7PM and 7:30PM. Obama is projected to take New Jersey, Illinois, and Connecticut, whilst McCain takes South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, bringing our Electoral College votes to:

OBAMA 77 / McCAIN 34

It takes 270 to win.

8:19 PM: MSNBC is calling Pennsylvania for Obama, bringing the total to:

OBAMA 103 / McCAIN 34

8:37 PM: The American south's results are pouring in. McCain predictably takes Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. New score:

OBAMA 103 / McCAIN 49

9:24 PM Damn near everyone (including FOX news TV) is calling Ohio for Obama, with 91% of precincts reporting in! Hot holy damn! The last man to win the Presidency without taking Ohio was, of course, JFK in 1960.

OBAMA 123/ McCAIN 49

9:55 PM Dr. Wife is too drunk right now to post, so it is I your regular narrator back at the wheel. The BBC (Aunty Beeb) is saying the count sits at...

OBAMA 200/ McCAIN 130

It is looking more and more like a Regan-Style blowout that some have cautiously predicted for Sen. Obama. Of course its still an open game. Anything can happen. Fortunately the Wild Turkey supply is holding out.

More than anything its nice to see voter turnout of epic magnitude. An estimated 130 Million voters will cast their ballots in this election. Holy shit. Really. Something like 85% of the eligible and registered voters in this nation. That is an amazing thing in and of itself. So many people giving a shit about the direction of their nation, of their government, and their own damn lives. Electoral college or not, people care, at least for tonight.

10:11 PM ...and?

OBAMA 207/ McCAIN 135

I do hope that of all the pre-mature coverage I hope The Onion is the least accurate.



McCain is giving a concession speech as I (an inebriated Dr. Wife) type this. It's actually quite heartfelt and I'm a little teary (but being drunk helps).

Well, that's it, I suppose. I wish I could think of some profound statement to end what was an exciting but exhausting night. All that I can say is this: we wake up tomorrow to a new country. Optimism is in short supply, but I can feel a glimmer of it deep within my crusty black soul.

+Not Dr. Wife+

This is a hell of a thing really. The cries of "Boo" and other less appealing things from the McCain crowd was a bit disheartening. It was however nice to see and hear John McCain sounding more like he did before the end of his 2000 run for the Republican nomination. He transformed himself into a candidate that every Republican could vote for, and in doing so became someone only half the country could vote for. In the end, it did not even give him that. A career of speaking his mind, no matter how unpopular his opinion or how crazy his view and the integrity that came with it was traded away for votes from the Moral Majority and support from Big Business.

I hope the coming four years will see McCain go back to his old sometimes incomprehensible but authentic ways. I also hope to see in Obama a President that offers hope and change for the better to the American people. Not just "Hope (tm)" and "Change (tm)" the branded campaign slogans, not just the marketed commodities but actual advancement for the nation in a positive direction.

This is still a very paranoid house, that will never change, but it's nice to look to the future and see the possibility of leaving a little of our hard-bitten cynicism at the door.

+ + +

A regular post of links and weirdness will be in the post tomorrow most likely. Now that the political season is over its time to crawl back into the bunker, furiously clean my guns, and run at the sight of unmarked black UN helicopters.

It was nice to do another joint effort with the wife. With any luck Dr. Wife will be able to stretch her writing muscles again and join in on this station in the future. Maybe with her promised article on the West Memphis Three, or maybe some other well-researched paranoid delusion.

/End Transmission.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Election 2008: Preamble

"We are living in dangerously weird times now. Smart people just shrug and admit they're dazed and confused. The only ones left with any confidence at all are the New Dumb. It is the beginning of the end of our world as we knew it. Doom is the operative ethic." - Hunter S. Thompson in 2000

Election day tomorrow. Tonight and tomorrow night will make up for a lack of Halloween post. I promise.

I have been asked to vote for either big ticket candidate so many times over the last 3 days. Very few actual people on the other end, mostly computers. Of what interest is the election to the machines?

John McCain had one real person on the line, and dozens of robots. Barack Obama had two real people, and a few less robots than McCain. Either way its fairly annoying. By this point I know for whom I cast my meaningless ballot. I know which front social issues I will be voting for. I am not a single issue voter by any means, but I do know that the same overarching agendas will be advanced either way. Major change will not come from an election in this country, not anymore.

I vote to sooth my conscience, I vote tomorrow in the hope that I am just paranoid and cynical and maybe mentally ill. Maybe the candidates are not in the pocket of the same corporate interests they have been since Marine Major General Smedley Butler was asked to help overthrow President Roosevelt and institute a fascist corporate state ruled by the rich and powerful of the day. Maybe its all just a weird coincidence. Maybe my vote counts.

Be careful at the polls kids. NORTHCOM is on high alert and every police force in the country seems to be expecting "Civil Unrest".

More later.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Conspiracy, Clowns, and High Weirdness in Outer Space. Saturday afternoon done right at Cabaret Apocalypto.

The NSA, Phone Sex, and the Palestine Hotel.

Adrienne Kinne is one of "Them". She is, or was, an agent for "Military Intelligence" (which from what I can tell translates as "The NSA" in this instance). She is however making a name for herself by whistle blowing about the NSA's warrentless wiretapping program. Concerning, among other things, their tendency to zero in not on terrorist related transmissions, but on phone sex.

According to Ms. Kinne No Such Agency was using Carnivore & Echelon for tracking down lurid bits of communications. Phone calls, e-mails, texts, etc.. and spreading them around the office for entertainment/spanking material. Needless to say, this is a tad embarrassing for the intelligence community. Usually when someone "blows the lid off" something in the deep black world of espionage it relates to murder. Murder, while illegal and immoral, is cool. Well, it's a lot cooler than being the nerd in the tree watching his neighbor undress in the bedroom or scamming free phone sex with a fake credit card. Being James Bond and shooting the bad guy off of a radio telescope is cool, being the old guy jerking off under a raincoat behind two young lovers on the bus is not.

Of course thats not the only impropriety Agent Kinne is talking about, its just the only one the mainstream media will discuss.

The CIA and NSA added the Palestine Hotel to a list of viable targets for the US Military in 2003 during the invasion of Baghdad. The hotel, while outside what would come to be the "Green Zone", was the staging point for a majority of the international press corp (and the unembedded American journalists).

Now its a big building, with a big sign that says "Palestine Hotel", and its in Baghdad to boot. So its easy to see why when the target list came down the pipe a tank crew driving along a bridge nearby fired a few shells into the building. Target of Opportunity they call it.

Several journalists were killed, everyone was both shaken and stirred, and as soon as the hotel was confirmed as shelled the CIA removed it from the list of "kill this as quick as you can" targets. Ms. Kinne says that was entirely deliberate.

The facts seem to support that story. Go ahead and find pictures from that day of the tank crew, take a look at how they feel after firing on unarmed civilians (some of which were American citizens). They did not know. They were told it was a viable military target. They were used to murder innocent people at random. Maybe there was a specific target in mind and it was a clumsy assassination attempt, or maybe it was just malice that lead to the deaths of Taras Protsyuk (Reuters) and Jose Couso (Telecinco) and the wounding of three others.

The US Military has been accused of everything from criminal negligence to murder in this case. If Agent Kinne is telling the truth then they are no more guilty than a gun or knife in a murder. I am not normally what you would call an apologist for the military, but those kids in that tank killed innocent people, and it was not their faults. They get to live with that for the rest of their lives while the nameless suit that is responsible will sleep soundly on a pillow of taxpayer money tonight.

Phantom Clowns 2: Chicago South Side Super Creepy Pony Ride,2933,438228,00.html,clown-abduction-children-101408.article

The Phantom Clowns, one of Americas creepiest historical oddities/urban legends is back. This time a silver sedan and your standard issue child molestation family van are on the prowl on the South Side of Chicago. The very same area Barack Obama started his political career as a community organizer.

Two per vehicle they come, bearing candy, balloons, and wicked grins. Trying to entice children into their vehicles just like in the 1980's. Also just like the 1980's they have yet to actually abduct a child. Well, so far no child abductions can be reliable attributed to them, thats not to say they have not done it.

The last time the clowns stalked the streets of Americas cities we had Satanic Ritual Abuse Syndrome dominating the news cycle. This time its the Presidential election and the collapse of Wall Street. The clowns are showing up in an area with a connection to the Obama campaign, in an area rife with the dealings of Tony Rezco. A man the Obama campaign would certainly like to forget, as Barack's ill-advised land deal with him has been a stick which his rivals have beat him with non-stop for almost two years. Not that there is a connection at all mind you, I just think its weird that out of all the places for this to crop up its right there. Little weird.

Copy Cats? The same clowns? Distraction from something else? Supernatural weirdness? Who knows. It will be interesting to see if it spreads again, like last time.

Dark Flow: Not a new Jam Band, not a PS3 game, not what happens to your girlfriend once a month. No, it is both cooler and scarier than those.,2933,427082,00.html

How big is the universe? Big. Really, really big. Is it infinite? Well, no. Probably not. For as large as it is it might as well be, but its not. What is outside of the universe? Until a few months ago most scientists would shrug and say "probably nothing". Recently however "probably nothing" became "most likely something so fucking weird and scary that your human brain cannot properly conceive of it without going mad".

No, this is not a ham-fisted intro to a Lovecraft story. Rather its a ham-fisted introduction to high weirdness on a universal scale. Dark Flow.

Assume the Big Bang happened. OK. So we have ALL matter and energy in the Universe (even that which is contained inside Steven Seagal) traveling outward from the zero point at impossible speeds. So we have an ever expanding sphere of matter and energy which Al Gore likes to call "The Universe".

Everything inside this "The Universe" is moving at more or less the same speed in predictable directions as its a spherical model. So flash forward about 15 or so billion years and you have everything where it is now. Some things slowed down a bit, some sped up, but aside from various crashes and explosions shaking up the model its all pretty predictable. Right Science? Science says well, um, no. Not entirely.

A few Galactic Clusters (which are not hair metal bands or Little Debbie cakes but rather are giant cloud-like clusters of galaxies) are moving in the wrong directions. In the wrong direction at about 2 million kilometers per hour (our galaxy takes about 200 million years to make a complete orbit around galactic central point). They are not moving how they should be moving, but are moving in a straight line outwards, towards the edge of the observable universe. Once they get there they will then exit reality as we know it.

Thats pretty weird right? It gets better, in the way that Lovecraft's stories get more "hopeful" and "optimistic" at the end. This is being caused by "Dark Flow". A name scientists made up because the only cause for this problem that fits the math is gigantic structures of impossible geometry and material alien to our universe sitting outside normal space and time warping the very fabric of reality. The gravity well of these structures is affecting a certain region of our universe and pulling material (in this case galactic clusters) outside of observable space and time into another, weirder something (its not another dimension, or universe, its just something sitting outside of our universe).

So there you have it. Sleep tight.

* * *

I promised a full post and here it is. I guess my article about the Battle of Las Angeles was not as popular as my paranoid ranting about the government and martial law. I had to take a little break from writing about it for a week, I was about to pop a blood vessel deep in my brain. We are back this week however with a little of column A and B. Look closely at the first article, you can see my potential aneurysm throbbing...

/End Transmission.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rage Against the UFO: Weird Tales of WW2

Another small post this week, but at least it has pictures. There will be more later, I promise. In the meanwhile enjoy this bit of weird history.

The Battle of Los Angeles is not just a Rage Against the Machine album.

In the wee hours of the morning on February 25th, 1942 searchlights lit the sky above LA. The city was plunged into emergency black out and anti-aircraft guns exploded shells into a target above the city for over an hour. Several civilians died as a result of friendly fire, a few buildings burned down, and at least 3 people had heart attacks during the attack.

What the fuck was going on?

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was less than three months earlier and the West Coast was considerably edgier than it usually is. Not your average over-caffeinated twitch response mind you. It was full on paranoia that at any moment the sky would fill with Zero fighters raining high caliber machine gun death on the quirky but generally peace loving people of Southern California.

The whole country stood at a definite "War Footing" as we readied what remained of our Navy to take the fight all the way to Tokyo like a red, white, and blue flag waving, cigar chomping, radioactive death dealing giant lizard. The government was wondering out loud about putting everyone of Asian ancestry, regardless of citizenship status, into internment camps. The Nazi threat loomed in Europe as Hitler gave the free world the finger and essentially told everyone to brush up their German and learn to love his brand of hot sausage. Things were scary and weird.

So into this equation you have a mystery object, traveling slowly down the coast from Santa Monica heading to Long Beach. It is almost invisible to radar (it was detected intermittently, and was possibly one of as many as five objects), silent, makes no attempt to identify itself, and looks a bit too much like an upside down silver pie plate for comfort. All of these factors contributed to one of the loudest and most hostile welcomes in LA history.

Over 1400 12.8lb anti-aircraft shells were fired at the object over the course of an hour. Many of those shells, according to the artillery crews and civilians, impacted on the object or exploded in close proximity. No debris was found, no damage observed, after an hour of sustained firing the thing simply vanished. Of course nobody had a clue as to who the fight was with, what the other side wanted, or if there would be more fight to come.

The US Army and the Government have offered a few explanations over the years for the incident and object, all of which must be true until a new official report is published that contradicts the last one. Here are a few of the explanations...

False Alarm: Attributed to "War Nerves". Fair enough. People were crazy with worry over a possible additional Japanese sneak-attack. That is actually perfectly plausible. However an object was shot at, and hit to no effect, and this is known because newspaper men and the Army photographed it as it happened. So unless the citizens of LA were so nervous as to psychically imprint their worry in the shape of a flying saucer on tons of film, "Move along, nothing to see here" may not be the best explanation.

Japanese "Fire Balloon": A good theory, except that a balloon filled with flammable hydrogen (the Japanese did not have access to non-explosive lighter than air gasses like helium) and carrying a payload of flammable liquids and dynamite is doubtful to withstand sustained artillery fire for more than an hour. Also, the Japanese did not start unleashing their wildly ineffective balloon assault until 1944.

Birds: Birds are silent, at high altiude can appear to be slow moving, and are often covered by a reflective metal surface. However those points conceded, it can be assumed that most birds will not hover stationary in the face of powerful search lights and giant explosions for longer than an episode of The Lawrence Welk Show.

Weather Balloon: I will accept this explanation if you can explain to me how 1400+ 12.8lb anti-aircraft shells could not even move one, while in another five years one crashed on its own in Roswell, New Mexico and left a debris field around 300 feet long and with several burned and broken crash test dummies in its wake. It can be assumed from this that our earlier weather balloons were invulnerable titans of modern engineering while models produced less than a decade later folded like a house of cards at the slightest provocation.

Japanese/Nazi (Japanazi) Secret Weapon: Also a good speculation. However since this article is not written in German, Kanji, or a crude Germanese/Spanglish dialect I will assume that this was not a forgotten Wunderweapon of the 3rd Reich.

What we have here is one of the best examples of a UFO sighting in recorded history. Both Military and civilian sources observed it, fired at it, and were scared shitless of it. Photographic evidence still exists even, probably because it was not assumed to be anything other than birds or lost Japanese fighter planes with no guns searching for Sushi Bar and rest room. Despite it being such a good example, with a pretty good pile of evidence, one rarely hears about it. Why? Probably because its a good example of something unknown with a pretty good pile of evidence.

Bonus! Pictures! [Click on them for full size]

The most common image of the battle.

A photo taken directly from the microfilm copies.

Here is the negative of the first photo. Isn't that something?

The Negative of the image shows the object in the center of the searchlights in pretty good detail. I am not saying that its full of little green men, but it is interesting.

What is also interesting is despite all that attention, the photographs, media reports, shells fired, and civilian deaths there was no Congressional investigation into the mater. Not a one. The Army concluded at the time it must have been civilian planes operated by unauthorized pilots engaged in a psychological warfare operation of some kind. They theorize that the planes were being flown at low speed and high altitude so as to avoid the shelling from below. Which would work out as an explanation, except the object and the exploding shells can be seen in the photo's, and with even more clarity in the negative.

Another interesting factor is that in addition to the Motion Picture studios, Southern California at that time was a powerhouse of industrial production. Of what you may ask? Why, weapons of course. Ships, guns, bombs, bullets, you name it. Industrial production for the backbone of Americas war effort. All being churned out by cute little California beach bunnies. All kinds of weapons, even nukes.

Robert Oppenheimer was hard at work at the University of California (Berkley) at this time, finishing his calculations concerning critical mass and detonation. If there is a connection I have no idea what it is. Probably just a coincidence, just an interesting one.

* * *

More later.

/End Transmission.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pirates! Mad Cow! The Collapse of Wall Street! Do I know how to party or what?

Calvin: I know more about the private lives of celebrities than I do about any governmental policy that will actually affect me. I'm interested in things that are none of my business, and I'm bored by things that are important to know.
Hobbes: The media aim to please.
Calvin: Maybe the economy should be discussed in cheap motel rooms.
-Calvin & Hobbes, by Bill Waterson

US Soldiers exposed to cancer causing agent while guarding an Iraqi water treatment plant.

Sodium Dichromate is scary shit. The OSHA permissible exposure limits are really very tiny (in the 0.005 micrograms range, think of that as 0.005% of the average tab of acid) due to its extreme toxicity and carcinogenic effects.. It would seem that a giant vat of it was sitting open outside with the wind blowing through it (powder form) and at least 600 National Guardsmen were exposed to it. Yikes.

While I am not pointing fingers that the Amry was dumping known carcinogens into the Iraqi water supply, I am pointing a finger at someone for not being smarter and probably killing a whole bunch of people. It seems that the contractors we keep giving no-bid contracts to are determined to kill more of our troops than the Iraqi's are.

At least you know where you stand facing an angry man with an AK. Companies like Halliburton who are supposed to be taking care of our guys are killing them in worse ways, all while singing songs about how much we need their help. I can think of many more things one needs in life ahead of cancer, or drinking diesel fuel, or bathing in waste water, or having corporate thugs pull guns on you in public because they caused a traffic accident, or...

Somali Pirates die after taking an Iranian merchant ship. Die mysteriously. Symptoms of the mysterious illness include skin burns, hair loss, collapse of immune response, loss of teeth, cancer, cancer, cancer... I wonder what was poorly stored on that ship?

So it goes that the mainstream media again misses the boat. So to speak. One would think FOX News would be all over this. Not a peep, not a whisper.

Iran is importing nuclear materials from China by the look of it. Not just reactor parts, but actual uranium by the look of it. Also given how quickly these men are succumbing to radiation poisoning I would venture to guess its already been refined. Isn't that something.

Maybe the media black out is because, like Darfur, acknowledging the problem means directly saying that China is working against us. Which means we would have to do more than occasionally maybe kinda talk tough about them.

Why is that such an issue? Well ignore their military for a moment. Ignore all the products we import from them that are used on a daily basis for a moment. Ignore their yummy food for a moment. What does China do for us that is so important that they can shit in our hands like this and we will pretend its cake? Easy, money. Where do you think all the money for the Iraq war is coming from? All that debt we are in, who do you think is holding the fucking marker on that? Mostly China.

Sure America, go to war with another Arab nation! Go on, spend yourselves into debt so deep the only sunshine you see will belong to China, go ahead! China wants to own our ecconomy, and they are pretty much almost there.

Back to the article for a moment... The ship is an Iranian ship, which set sail from China, according to the company that owns it (the Iranian government, its a state owned company) it was heading for Rotterdam and was purchased by a German client. Of course they also say the cargo is "Minerals" and "Industrial Materials", so who knows. They are threatening to sue the man who is trying to help them get their ship back for saying the cargo is radioactive.

My theory? I know you are dying to hear it, so here goes. The cargo is indeed refined uranium 235, or enough raw ore (mined in Africa, hmmmm) to choke a camel. The crew, Iranian sailors, knew that the Somali pirates would kill all of them due to them all being poor sailors and not important folks. So they decided to get the pirates from beyond the grave, they cracked open the seals on the uranium canisters in the shipping boxes and closed the boxes back up. The pirates shot the crew, but the crew killed them via radiation poisoning. I applaud the crew of the ship. That is what I would have done.

Of course now there is a boat sitting at sea full of cancerous pirates and exposed uranium that's getting hotter by the minute. That sucks. That ladies and gentlemen is what I call "A Problem".

Mad Cow human variant (CJD) kills two in Spain, from the same family.

Not a lot to say on this one except that the problem is not going away. Despite increased safety precautions around the world the number of identified victims steadily increases.


And I do so love a good cheeseburger.

Why are Obama & McCain both HOT HOT HOT for the $700 Billion Bailout Plan? Just take a look at their top campaign contributors silly!

Contributors in BOLD are financial/credit/banking institutions. Most of the ones whose names are not readily recognizable are law firms. On both lists, not just Obama.

John Mccain's Puppet Masters
Merrill Lynch $298,413
Citigroup Inc $269,251
Morgan Stanley $233,272
Goldman Sachs $208,395
JPMorgan Chase & Co $179,975

AT&T Inc $174,487
Blank Rome LLP $150,426
Credit Suisse Group $150,025
Greenberg Traurig LLP $146,787
UBS AG $140,165
PricewaterhouseCoopers $140,120
US Government $137,617
Bank of America $129,475
Wachovia Corp $122,846
Lehman Brothers $117,500

FedEx Corp $113,453
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher $104,250
US Army $103,613
Bear Stearns $99,300
Pinnacle West Capital $97,700

Non-Disclosure of funding sources: 11.1%

Top Industries of McCain Bundlers

Securities & Investment $11,350,000
Real Estate $9,500,000
Lobbyists $6,250,000
Lawyers/Law Firms $4,900,000
Misc Finance $4,500,000

Barack Obama's Puppet Masters
Goldman Sachs $691,930

University of California $611,207
Citigroup Inc $448,599
JPMorgan Chase & Co $442,919

Harvard University $435,769
Google Inc $420,174
UBS AG $404,750
National Amusements Inc $389,140
Microsoft Corp $377,235
Lehman Brothers $370,524
Sidley Austin LLP $350,302 $347,463
Skadden, Arps et al $340,264
Time Warner $338,527
Wilmerhale Llp $335,398
Morgan Stanley $318,070
Latham & Watkins $297,400

Jones Day $289,476
University of Chicago $278,885
Stanford University $276,038
Non-Disclosure of funding sources: 5.8%

Top Industries of Obama Bundlers
Lawyers/Law Firms $11,700,000
Securities & Investment $8,900,000
TV/Movies/Music $3,150,000
Computers/Internet $2,150,000
Business Services $2,100,000

Sorta puts it all in perspective, don't it?

Steve Fosset Watch Update! Who needs money or ID in the 5th Dimension?

Some hikers found his wallet, maybe his jacket, ID's, and a big pile of money in the mountains... of California. An odd story that just gets more so with every turn...

Steve Fosset Watch EXTRA UPDATE! 1 light aircraft + a sheer mountain side = no body...

It seems that Steve's plane crashed into a mountain head first. The investigators say there is no possible way someone could have survived that crash. Yet there was no body in the wreck, and some of Steve's belongings were found some distance away.

Steve Fosset: 5th Dimensional explorer or senile aging adventurer? Stay tuned!


Today is the day Active Duty troops are being deployed in the US. Keep an eye out for where kids! Its like a scavenger hunt, only more depressing.

/End Transmission.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

EXTRA POST!: Holy shit... just... holy shit. Breaking News!

Active-Duty Army Units are being assigned to patrols in North America starting on October 1st. Anyone ever hear of Posse Comitatus? Yeah, well neither have They, apparently.
"3rd Infantry's 1st BCT trains for a new dwell-time mission. Helping 'people at home' may become a permanent part of the active Army." - Full quote from the header to the article, from the Army Times.

This is the most worrying shit I have seen in a long time. A month before the elections are supposed to happen. Seriously. Active duty uniformed soldiers being drafted into stateside service without any say-so other than the Pentagon? Something is stirring my friends, something is stirring. It is not a good thing, whatever it is.

Maybe it has something to do with these clips from C-Span...

Look, I'm not trying to say anything except keep your eyes peeled. Something is happening. Right out in public, and nobody is paying attention. We are concerned with the price of oil, and food costs rising, the threat of recession, the election, the mortgage crisis, the credit crisis, the bank crisis, the stock market, but we are not concerned with this.

Maybe I am just being paranoid. I will certainly own up to a heightened sense of paranoia, no argument there. However, is it paranoia if you are right? If I am wrong, no problem, I'm nuts, I can live with that. Just another crazy person on the internet jumping at shadows and barking at the moon.

If I am right, even partially, then we are standing on the edge of the sort of scenario that George Orwell was called paranoid for envisioning. Its all been falling into place for years folks. You think the Patriot Act is something new? Almost all of the measures it enacted were from other separate bits of legislation that have been making the rounds for years. Most authored under the supervision of Bush 1 and Bill Clinton.

More video, for those who don't like to read.

More later...

...and we're back.

What the fuck is going on? Well here are more paranoid ideas. First, a little background.

[The Patriot Act]
[The Military Commissions Act]
[S. 1959 (Codenamed by the Department of Homeland Security as "ENDGAME", you just can't make this stuff up)]
[Security and Prosperity Paternership of North America Security Agenda]

What seems to be going on is something big. Something very big. The October Surprise the world will never forget, or at least those of us in the good old U.S. of A.

A major thing is being prepared for, and it looks like it will require the military in full combat readiness on the home front, a generous helping of martial law, a big body count, and maybe a suspension of elections even.

FEMA bought a half million airtight, Biological and Chemical rated coffins last year. You know, just in case.
Halliburton has been given taxpayer money to upgrade those vacant FEMA detention camps. You know, just in case.
Camps and coffins are old news, hell, one of the first conspiracy theories I read about on the internet back in the day was about the FEMA detention camps. They have them, they don't deny it, they say they keep'em around in case we ever have a flood of illegals (refugee's) that need quarantined.

Its more a question of that plus this equals what? Is it all related? Are the active duty military units deploying right here in the states on October 1st just in case? That is what They say. In case of civil unrest. That term comes up a lot, civil unrest. Or an NBC (not the broadcasting company, Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical) attack on US soil? Maybe, as the units deploying have been getting a ton of extra training for just that emergency since at least the middle of this month. Maybe it is all a big coincidence. Of course, anyone who has spent any amount of time working in the deep black will tell you there is no such thing.
John McCain has suspended his campaign. To work on the growing (ha! growing is such a small word) economic crisis.
A bit more than a month to go until our elections. The new President gets sworn in come January. I wonder if that's going to happen. It seems to me that the expectation of something happening is already in the halls of power, if not an actual plan of action. Plans are good things to have, especially in an emergency.
FEMA has their coffins in Georgia, the military units being deployed stateside are training in the New England area. Keep an eye on the East Coast, and FEMA. After all, they are seemingly psychic in terms of emergency response. Just look at 9/11.
This article still not finished... More to come. Special thanks to Senior Research Editor Dr. Wife.

+ + +


I jumped to a lot of conclusions, based on weird facts. As it turns out there was no fascist takeover October Surprise, just some unconnected weird/terrifying events. Its honestly a little embarrassing. I try my best to not let paranoia get the better of me, to be rational, and I failed this time. Spectacularly. 

If this article is your first exposure to my blog, try some others. They are much better. Usually.

Not going to delete this in the interest of archival integrity, instead I will ad this note. Which I have done. Just now.


Money, Hookers, & The Media: A Non-Illustrated Guide to Media Deceptions and the Mortgage Crisis

Elliot Spitzer got outed (mmm hookers) for whistle-blowing about the sub-prime mortgage crisis too early. No, really.

His editorial "Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime: How the Bush Administration Stopped the States From Stepping In to Help Consumers" was submitted to the Washington Post at the beginning of the week. The day before its published an investigation begins (the FBI, IRS, and DHS were all in on the fun) to see if he is spending lavish sums of money on hookers from New York while in Washington DC.

The tip off to authorities allegedly came from North Fork Bank. North Fork has been consumed by Capitol One Bank, thanks to them going down in flames in the on-going sub-prime mortgage crisis.

So Spitzer writes an op-ed in a CIA run newspaper criticizing the Bush Administration and certain financial giants of conspiring to use the sub-prime situation to the advantage of the government and Wall Street. Then a bank which folds (but all the top men come away with millions of the customers hard-earned money thanks to "Golden Parachutes". Rewarding for failure, the new American Way) in the same situation calls the feds and tells them Elliot Spitzer is spending money on hookers. Spitzer gets outed the same day the bank that was supposed to have phoned in the tip gets re-branded Capitol One (March 10th).

If you are going "So, what?" about how this was handled both in Washington and the media, just take a look at another prostitution story that broke a year before. It involved a high profile escort service (The infamous DC Madam, Deborah Jean Palfrey) and a US Senator (David Vitter, Republican from Louisiana). It had juicier elements, including the ensnarement of other high profile political figures, a pro-family-pro-jesus-anti-gay family values type paying for hookers with taxpayer money, but it went nowhere. He apologized to his wife and Jesus, resigned, no charges filed, the end. Spitzer gets practicly crucified.

Why is this important? Simple. Spitzers public hanging was a smoke screen, ment to distract from the investigation and erode his credibility. The entire crisis has been orchestrated for years. No, really. You mean to tell me nobody thought giving mortgages and credit cards to people who have no way of paying for them then selling their debts to someone else that they still can't pay would be a good idea? Really? What has happened as a result? The market has a few hiccups, financial analysts start throwing blame and committing ritual suicide, all the while financial power is quietly consolidated by a few businesses, the Federal Reserve, and the government "for the good of the market and ecconomy".

"Oh boo hoo, now we have to extend our influence over the world financial markets and the everyday lives of American citizens even further, and we have to do it at the expense of the American taxpayers, oh life is such shit." Every time I hear about the Fed moaning about having to buy another bank/financial institution with taxpayer money I want to punch the source of the news. The only time they complained and it seemed legit, read: they tried to squirm out of it, was when they discovered they had to pay back over a trillion dollars in outstanding bonds.

Spitzer launched an investigation into this very idea before the shit hit the fan, and the OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) filed a lawsuit against Spitzer and the City of New York to stop the investigation. Really. A lawsuit to stop them from investigating potential wrongdoing in the banking and credit industry. So he tries to write about it in the national media, and suddenly all of his dirty laundry gets hung out to dry.

Life is full of coincidences, ain't it?

Looks like the FBI was paying attention to the shenanagins after all, lets see how high up the food chain they get before things stall. Oh sure, a few Vice Presidents or Senior Executives will get thrown under the bus and do 18 months in a minimum security white collar resort, and it will make for some strangely boring television. After all, its what happens all the time. Except when Ken Lay got convicted. Then he died. Then he got pardoned (conviction overturned). Then his wife fucked off to parts unknown with all of his assets, which were stolen, but will never go to the people he stole them from because the judge overturned the conviction after he died.

I am not saying Ken Lay faked his death and his wife followed him into hiding with millions in stolen money and a federal judge appointed by Enron's good friends in the Bush administration was complicit in the act by overturning a guilty verdict after he was declared legally dead. I am not saying that at all. Just saying it seems the amount of time you are punished is related to the amount of money you have, political favors you hold, and just how bad your crimes are. Its like algebra, only more depressing because its usually your money that someones wife is fucking off to the Caribbean with.

UPDATE for my own Ego.

Someone posted a UK article on this very thing on FARK today, at 5:41pm. Mine was 11:10am or so. HAHA!

Have you heard of Operation: Mockingbird? How about the phrase "The Liberal Media"?;topic=19.0

So, the CIA, everyone's favorite bogymen are at it again. Or rather, they have been at it since 1947 (the year they were created by Truman from the remains of the OSS). What is it this time?

The Media. The Liberal Media.

Operation Mockingbird was the name for the program to infiltrate and own the media originally headed by Cord Meyer (Yale Bonesman, LBJ buddy, one of the alleged JFK assassination ringleaders, CIA agent, and unwilling cuckold thanks to JFK*). Mockingbird did all sorts of things from influence the presentation of television news broadcasts to shape the style of newsprint. In addition to planting false stories, omitting facts, killing stories outright, blackballing journalists who didn't play ball, beating the drums to war (until some veteran newsmen grew spines again during Vietnam), and even for good measure brought down a president (Nixon, more on that in a second).

So we have today a liberal media that everyone will tell you is the result of liberal college professors teaching students seduced by left-wing communist ideas and spurred on by the dubious examples of leftist news organizations of yesteryear.

Thats fine, it makes perfect sense when you consider (this small and very incompleate list) who was/is drawing a government paycheck in the media...

Stewert Aslop [Writer: New York Herald-Tribune]
Bob Woodward [of Woodward & Bernstein fame, he was a Navy Intelligence officer before becoming one of the journalists that brought down Nixon. Nobody gets info from a "Deep Throat" type without a damn good reason. The reason was the CIA wanted Nixon gone]
Anderson Cooper [CNN Anchor, 2 years interning at CIA headquarters for a job in intelligence during college at Yale]
Ben Bradlee [VP: Washington Times, former editor-in-cheif, Writer: Newsweek]
James Reston [New York Times, one of the most widely read journalists ever]
Charles Douglas Jackson [Writer: Time Magazine, former psychological warfare expert for OSS]
Jamie McIntyre [CNN, Pentagon Corespondent]
Walter Haskill Pincus [Writer: Washington Post, outed out-of-favor CIA agent Valerie Plame to the media on orders from Karl Rove]
William C. Baggs [Editor: Miami News, was publicly anti-vietnam, as a result got to meet with North Vietnamese officials during the war]
Herb Gold [Writer: Miami News]
Charles L. Bartlett [Writer: Chattanooga Times, wrote articles with classified info from the CIA leading to the resignation of Harold E. Talbot as Secretary of the Air Force]
William S. Paley [CEO & Founder: CBS, he built CBS into the giant it is, hired his friend Edward R. Murrow, and was a psychological warfare operative for OSS]
Henry Luce [CEO & Founder: Time Magazine]
Arthuir Hays Sulzberger [Publisher: The New York Times]
Alfred Friendly [Writer & Managing Editor: Washington Post]
Barry Bingham Sr.
[Owner: WHAS Radio & TV, Couior Journal, Louiseville Times]
Various cable news contributors including G Gorgon Liddy [Watergate "Plumber"], Oliver North [Iran/Contra fall guy, cocaine importer], Karl Rove ["Bush's Brain"], Joseph Wilson [Diplomat, CIA front man, Valerie Plames husband], Monica Crowley [Nixon aide], John Podhoretz [Former Reagan speechwriter]. Other news outlets were involved, this is a small list. During the Church Committee investigation ABC News refused to account for any reporters with CIA ties, they didn't say they had none, just that they wouldn't stop covering for them. Also on the list is The Associated Press, Reuters, Hearst Publications, United Press International... you get the idea.

FOX News is owned by ultra-right-wing media magnate Rupert Murdoch, its run day-to-day by Republican strategy man Roger Ailes (political mastermind behind the Regan & Bush 1 presidencies), its point of view is well known. NBC is owned by GE, which is among other things one of the largest defense contractors in America. CNN was founded and formerly owned by Ted Turner, his wife's Vietnam antics aside Teddy Boy was the go-to guy for all your disinformation needs. He sold his soul to the FCC for the first shot across the bow of media ownership deregulation. These are only a few examples.

Then you have the reverse of planted stories, you have what happens to guys like Gary Webb when they actually report on dirty dealings. Webb wrote some articles on how the CIA used Contra cocaine to introduce crack to the American inner city, and before long some of the big media outlets figured that the story wouldn't die. So they did what any respectable news source would do, they attempted to pick apart Gary Webb (not his story, but him), black people (claiming that blacks are more susceptible to paranoia and conspiracy theories), and his paper the San Jose Mercury News. Reporters from The Washington Times, The New York Times, The LA Times, just to name a few, were all over him like shit on a blanket.

This was in 1996. Operation Mockingbird was officially ended by CIA director George HW Bush in 1976 with the Church Committee investigations.

It still goes on to this day, all you need to do to see it is look at how often the official story is reported as the only story. Oklahoma City is a good example. The police bomb squad reported removing additional explosive devices both during and after. The FBI agents on the ground confirmed additional unexploded bombs. The local media reported it. The something amazing happened, the story changed! More men in suits arrived, phone calls were made, and there was no more mention of the bombs the police explosives experts removed from the building. It was a single truck full of cow shit and diesel fuel that leveled half of an office block. Amazing. No more manhunt for additional men seen on security tapes with Timmy-Boy that the FBI still won't release to the public. No more bombs the OCPD removed from the building, that was an error. That never happened. Anyone who thinks that is crazy.

There is no liberal media. There are liberals in the media, sure, but not at the top. Where it matters. When something big about a major company or the government gets through its because someone gave it the OK to do so, not because some crusading Lois Lane escaped the bad guys clutches and rushed her story to press despite the best efforts of the military-industrial complex. Not because some communist nutjob has an ax to grind with the decadent imperialist west or some hippy with a grudge against The Man.

Sure there has been a leftist or even communist influence occasionally, but that has never been the prevailing voice in national media. The CIA let McCarthy hang himself in public because they and Army Intelligence had already done what he set out to do a few years before his hearings. He rattled some cages, and put a lot of Americans who might have already been disenfranchised with the American Dream out of work, but did nothing to thwart communist influence in the government or media. The real spooks already had that job pretty much wrapped up. Deep Throat handed Bob Woodward everything he needed to crucify Richard Nixon because the CIA wanted him out of the White House. He was a dangerous megalomaniac who drank too much and liked to threaten Russian diplomats (in private meetings, away from cameras) with nuclear war to make his cock feel big.

I use those examples to illustrate two points. One, again, there really is no "liberal media establishment", everything that hits the national page is there to serve a specific sociological, economic, or political end. Two, that while most of the shit we get force-fed is bad for us, sometimes it works for our benefit. I don't advocate government or corporate control of the media by any means, but it is nice to see some things happen for the public good occasionally.

...and finally, something I did not write. Enjoy this short reprieve.

Excerpt from "How they Slant TV" by Bruce Herschensohn (Former CIA agent)
U.S. Information Agency Video Expert's 'How They Slant TV - A to Z' list

A. Story placement:
The first story on a network newscast is largely perceived by the audience as being the most important news of the day; the second story, the second most important; and so on through the first group of stories.
If a network would like to give particular significance to a story or less significance to a story, their placement within the newscast establishes an immediate priority of importance within the viewer's mind.

B. The hold frame:
This is an old motion picture technique, which now has wider use in television than in historical films. Since November 1963 it has often been referred to as the "Jack Ruby Frame."
(When Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald, the technique was used on replays of the video tape to visually stop the action at the moment the bullet hit Oswald.)
The technique is used to "catch" something the audience might otherwise have missed. It interrupts the motion to hold on one still picture from the moving action so that a particular frozen image can be examined by the viewer. In sporting events such as football or the finish line of a close horse race, the hold frame is particularly useful.
It can also be used to give the impression of "catching" an event it did not "catch" or "catching" a person it did not "catch."

C. Selective Segmentation:
What was once a primitive or at least sloppy technique has become what is almost impossible to distinguish as it comes across the screen. The network's objective is to cut out portions of a speaker's comment and, by use of tied-together excerpts in false continuity, make the total effect different from his original in-context remarks. The primitive method was simply to physically cut out the film of the undesired area and splice and splice the two remaining wanted ends together. This results in a jump-cut, which can be seen by the audience and leaves room for suspicion and looks crude. The professional device is to use a cut-away of an interviewer or a cut-away of a chart, or whatever seems appropriate, and then cut back to the speaker. Both the visual and the audio cut can be accomplished while the cut-a-way is on screen. This can be used, and is most often used quite ethically to excerpt, cut down, or give certain segments of a speaker's performance without jarring visual effects, as would be evident without a cut-a-way. But it can and has been used unethically to change emphasis and meaning of what someone has said. It is difficult to recognize an excerpt. At times, but not always, it can be ascertained by an inconsistency in audio quality behind the cut-a-way or as the shot changes.

D. Commentator speculations that appear to be factual:
Although the words are couched and the periods are in the right places separating information from speculation, the end effect of this technique is to give the listener the impression that only facts are being reported. The transient character of television airways reporting permits this to be effective whereas, if the report were printed in a newspaper or magazine for examination, there would be risk of discovery. "There's reason to believe..." and "could be" are often used.

E. The truth but not the whole truth:
Although the whole truth is known to the reporter or commentator, only a portion is told, which casts an invalid impression by intent.

F. Catch phrases:
With unnoticed and unattributed bias, an editorialized catch-phrase is added to the nation's vocabulary, by force of habit. Catch phrasing is a printed-word and audio technique that has been streamlined by television with the use of "Anti-War Movement," "Peace Movement," "The Saturday Night Massacre," "The Mysterious Alert," "Operation Candor," "The White House Germans," and "The Christmas Bombing" (and, as previously mentioned, the word "Watergate" itself, used to house all charges of the period). The streamlining was applied by using catch phrases as matter-of-fact routine and by repetition as "fact phrases," making them appear to be non-biased actualities.

G. Utilizing the chemistry of combined audio and visuals:
Often a visual image gives one impression, the audio another, and the combination of the two used simultaneously creates a distortion. (Most significantly, as mentioned, this technique was used to inject "Watergate," without the use of the word, by the projection of the Watergate Complex on the rear screen behind the commentator while he talked of an unrelated story.) The modifications of this technique are endless.

H. Visual emphasis to audio by selection of phrases for audience to read:
Charles Guggenheim used this technique of printed words upon the screen in the television commercials for Senator McGovern's race for the Presidency.
Examples: 1. The technique was steadily applied by the networks as a method to emphasize out-of-context areas of the transcripts of President Nixon's tape recordings.

I. Pretense balancing:
The motive is to show that the presentation is showing all sides of a particular story when, in fact, the balance is tilted.

J. Selectivity of interviewees:
The meaning of a news event can be given a decided tilt by those selected to be interviewed.

K. Treatment and respect given an interviewee:
The audience is immediately given an impression about the person being interviewed by the questions he is asked and by the manner in which he is addressed by the reporter conducting the interview.

L. Prompting an interviewee:
Words can easily be put into an interviewee's mouth by the interviewer. It is most effective if the interviewer's question is phrased so that it can be cut out, while the answer is retained as a complete statement. Obviously, if the manner in which the interviewee answers is not a complete statement, the question cannot be omitted. The objective is to coach the interviewee.

M. Methods of reading:
Reading slow or reading fast or an accent on a particular word or a faint smile or a shake of the head give editorialization that cannot be found by rereading the text of the report or interview, but can be found only by viewing and listening to the newscast.

N. Set design for visual authority:
Every executive knows that a desk can give a visual sense of importance to the man who sits behind it. When in the company of a visitor, most executives follow the rule of rising from the chair behind the desk and walking to another chair without the separation of the desk as a barrier importance between the host and guest. The very visual posture of a commentator gives him a look of authority.

O. Narration rather than visuals - when it suits the purpose:
Often a new event will occur in which visuals will create a negative effect when the producer hopes to achieve a positive impression, or a positive effect when the producer hopes to achieve a negative impression. In this case, visuals defeat the purpose, and only narrative is used.
Example: When President Nixon worked in his Executive Office Building Suite, Dan Rather would refer to it as "his small, hideaway office" to CBS viewers. There were stills of the office, but stills would have defeated the purpose of Dan Rather's line, since the office was a very large one, used as his working quarters. The term "hideaway" was also inaccurate. Dan Rather was informed when the President went to work within his Executive Office Building suite, as were all the members of the White House Press Corps. It was, in fact, a more public suite than the Oval Office as it was the one place the public could see him enter and exit as they watched from the street. Dan Rather's continual referral to it as "the President's small, hideaway office" had a sinister ring of secrecy and isolation, and it could have raised suspicions in the minds of some viewers: "What is he doing in there?" "Why does he go to a small hideaway?"

P. Recap of past news to relate to the present:
While telling a real news event, a re-cap is given to something that happened days, even weeks ago, as though it had direct relation to the current event. In that way audience interest may be revived in a non-news story.

Q. Crediting and discrediting:
This newswriting technique is designed to give credit to an editorial factor of the writer's choosing.

R. Creation of news:
Sometimes there is no event during the day relating to a continuing story that the network wants to sustain. Creating a related event is no real problem. One method is for the network to send a newsman and a camera crew over to the Capitol to talk to a senator or congressman about "the story." If the senator or congressman is willing, he or she can make news in an instant. Many are willing, since it is an opportunity to be seen and heard by millions. Networks generally recognize a particular senator's or congressman's point of view before an interview is filmed. If it doesn't turn out as they want, it can be discarded. Other methods of creating news are to give an unimportant item an extended story length, to have reporters quote other reporters, or to emphasize the fact that there is no news regarding a "continuing story."

S. Inclusion or omission of crowd reaction:
When reporting a speech of a public figure, it is up to the film editor to decide whether to include the audience reaction of those witnessing the speech. Most often, reaction will be cut in the interest of time, but this is an option that can change the entire character of the address. The character can be retained without the loss of time by leaving in the applause, fading it to a low level, and bringing in the reporter's voice above the applause. During an election campaign report showing two candidates, this technique of inclusion or omission can be used to tilt the character of public reaction to one candidate against another.

T. Focal length:
Different lenses give separate impressions of the size of a crowd. Every photographer or cinematographer knows that a large crowd can look small, and a small crowd can look large simply by changing from a long lens to a short one, which changes the focal length. Television viewers who want to know the size of a crowd should look for the margins of crowd-ends, as it is the only sure manner in which to make an accurate judgment.

U. Tragedy and comedy style reporting:
There is no hiding of passions within this type of reporting. The commentator comes right out with it.
Examples: 1. John Chancellor, usually one of the most responsible commentators, gave a chilling example of dramatic tragedy reporting on the night of Archibald Cox's discharge and resignations of Elliot Richardson and William Ruckelhaus. When televised passion exceeds the immediate magnitude of the event, such excess can sometimes create its ultimate importance.
The following are excerpts from John Chancellor's report:
"The country, tonight, is in the midst of what may be the most serious constitutional crisis in its history...That is a stunning development, and nothing even remotely like it has happened in all of our history...You are watching a special NBC Report of another event this year that we never believed would have happened in the history of this Republic...A constitutional situation that is without precedent in the history of this Republic...In my career as a correspondent, I never thought I would be announcing these things..."

V. Oblique emphasis reporting:
This is the most important and most often used technique of network news. Seemingly straight reports are very often subtle editorializations. The use of words and phrases gives transient and subliminal points of view to the audience, most often without audience knowledge.

W. Ignoring follow-up stories:
Follow-up stories are often ignored when their usage would be beneficial to those the networks oppose or harmful to those the networks endorse. This technique is similiar to, but not quite the same as, a total disregard of an important story, to which we devote a later chapter.
Example: Howard Hunt testified before the Senate Select Committee about spy work that was conducted against Senator Barry Goldwater in 1964. The story died the next day.

X. Story association and grouping:
Telling one story and without pause going into another story can imply association between the two. This can be achieved either with or without narrative bridges by grouping stories in succession.

Y. Acceptance of TV editorials:
It has become an accepted fact that network news will have an editorial. But why? Why should an editorial view be placed in a news program? Why is it not possible for the audience to find out the news without hearing an editorial?
Example: NBC and CBS incorporated their editorials within the context of the news programming, which made it most impractical for a viewer to turn the television audio down and then up again just in time to catch the next piece of news. ABC uses a better method of placing its editorials at the end of the program, much like a newspaper editorial, which can be read or simply left unread.

Z. Repetition:
This is the simplest and oldest technique of any medium that wishes to propagandize a point of view. It was inherited from ages past and has never been used more strikingly or more effectively than it has in television newscasts. When a story appears night after night with little added to the account, or if a continuing story is repeatedly given precedence over other news items that are obviously more urgent in the context of the day's events, it is a safe bet that the network is setting up its own emphasis to maintain an objective, which is usually met. The creation of the most important story today, with repetition tomorrow, can truly make it important the day after tomorrow.

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