Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Steve Fossett UPDATE: ...still dead.

"We don't really understand what causes events to happen. History is the fiction we invent to persuade ourselves that events are knowable and that life has order and direction. That's why events are always reinterpreted when values change. We need new versions of history to allow for our current prejudices." - Calvin & Hobbes, by Bill Watterson

Bush thinks the EPA guidelines relating to radioactive material levels in drinking water are a bit too tough, relaxes them for the freedom and liberty of big business. Hope you don't mind flipper babies.

Typically an outgoing Administratum does all kinds of things that they always wanted to do but could not before for one reason or another. Staying up late playing spirited games of "Out the deep cover CIA Agent", "Pin-the-Military on another country full of brown people and oil", or "Turn the paranoid eye of the intelligence community almost entirely on the American public illegally-A-Boo" are old hat for the White House's outgoing residents.

No no, not this time. Nothing as simple as that. These are the last days of executive privilege, of signing statements, of Presidential pardons. No concern for opinion polls or permanent Republican majorities. No consequences. This is where the real party begins.

So before the flurry of pre-emptive pardons for war crimes begin (true story, more later) lets look at other area's where the walls are coming down.

The EPA.

I feel bad for the EPA, I really do. There are only two reasons I can think of to pursue a career in the Enviromental Protection Agency. The first being you aspire to pay for your house and mistress's condo with money illegally placed in your offshore bank account by the military-industrial complex for looking the other way, the second because you actually want to protect the damn enviroment. The later seem to be outnumbered by three to one and fight an uphill battle against an oponent with unlimted money, lobbying power far above the agencies head, and their own corrupt beuracracy.

Then the President comes along and makes it harder.

Bush & Co. think that the EPA guidelines are hurting the free market by constraining big business with needless and excessively left-wing liberal communist environmental protections. What do those godless socialist anti-free market restrictions cover?

Radioactive material. Apparently we need more radioactive isotopes in our drinking water. Mmmm dergulation. I can practicly taste the cancer now .

The RAND corporation is actively lobbying the Pentagon and Congress to start a war with a major superpower (China or Russia) to stimulate the US ecconomy. That is what we like to call extreme measures.

The problem with think-tanks is sometimes smart people don't look at all possible implications of an idea. They see numbers, they see effects of whatever system the seek to influence, they don't see numbers as people. They don't see the potential cost on a personal level.

Of course this is worse when the think tank involved is a CIA puppet/co-conspirator. At that point the obliviousness to human misery is replaced by criminal indifference to anything but the continued economic superiority of a handful of American business interests.. woo, deep breath.

The RAND Corporation is actively, though quietly, lobbying the Pentagon, Congress, and the Bush White House (Obama's as well I presume) on the merits of picking a fight with China or Russia in order to stimulate the ecconomy. Yes, that is right, another war. On a third front. Against the two nations who could actually stand against us (or U.S. depending on how you want to say it).

While true during WW2 that nothing gets the country going like a good war, that paradigm is no longer applicable. When we were a manufacturing giant, sure. However times are tough for the fly-over states and the old US of A does not produce nearly as much anymore. What are we going to do? Try to keep buying gear from China while waging war on them? Have our soldiers go into combat in jeans and worn out NASCAR shirts?

Well, we could solve that problem by going to war with Russia, right? Wrong! China and Russia have something called a mutual defense pact. A treaty that says if we attack one of them, we attack both. So we would be fighting on four fronts I suppose.

Maybe Mike "Brownie" Brown got hired by RAND after his tenure with FEMA came to an abrupt end.

For the Fatherland Homeland: More illegal home front active duty troop deployment news.

The ACLU is now requesting all sorts of information about NORTHCOM's deployment of active duty troops on U.S. soil (which happened back on October 1st, and continues...). It seems that NORTHCOM is laughing at their puny little Freedom of Information Act request.

The incoming administration so far has no comment about the homeland deployment, and its upcoming enlargement.

We said "bring home the troops", they said "OK, we'll bring home the troops"... Protestors need to be more specific I suppose.


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Real life has been occupying my attention of late. Not so much that I don't sit around worrying about this sort of thing, just enough that I never seem to have the time to write. I suppose thats the game though. If you spend all your time trying to survive, you don't have the chance to think about your situation.

/End Transmission.

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