Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pirates! Mad Cow! The Collapse of Wall Street! Do I know how to party or what?

Calvin: I know more about the private lives of celebrities than I do about any governmental policy that will actually affect me. I'm interested in things that are none of my business, and I'm bored by things that are important to know.
Hobbes: The media aim to please.
Calvin: Maybe the economy should be discussed in cheap motel rooms.
-Calvin & Hobbes, by Bill Waterson

US Soldiers exposed to cancer causing agent while guarding an Iraqi water treatment plant.

Sodium Dichromate is scary shit. The OSHA permissible exposure limits are really very tiny (in the 0.005 micrograms range, think of that as 0.005% of the average tab of acid) due to its extreme toxicity and carcinogenic effects.. It would seem that a giant vat of it was sitting open outside with the wind blowing through it (powder form) and at least 600 National Guardsmen were exposed to it. Yikes.

While I am not pointing fingers that the Amry was dumping known carcinogens into the Iraqi water supply, I am pointing a finger at someone for not being smarter and probably killing a whole bunch of people. It seems that the contractors we keep giving no-bid contracts to are determined to kill more of our troops than the Iraqi's are.

At least you know where you stand facing an angry man with an AK. Companies like Halliburton who are supposed to be taking care of our guys are killing them in worse ways, all while singing songs about how much we need their help. I can think of many more things one needs in life ahead of cancer, or drinking diesel fuel, or bathing in waste water, or having corporate thugs pull guns on you in public because they caused a traffic accident, or...

Somali Pirates die after taking an Iranian merchant ship. Die mysteriously. Symptoms of the mysterious illness include skin burns, hair loss, collapse of immune response, loss of teeth, cancer, cancer, cancer... I wonder what was poorly stored on that ship?

So it goes that the mainstream media again misses the boat. So to speak. One would think FOX News would be all over this. Not a peep, not a whisper.

Iran is importing nuclear materials from China by the look of it. Not just reactor parts, but actual uranium by the look of it. Also given how quickly these men are succumbing to radiation poisoning I would venture to guess its already been refined. Isn't that something.

Maybe the media black out is because, like Darfur, acknowledging the problem means directly saying that China is working against us. Which means we would have to do more than occasionally maybe kinda talk tough about them.

Why is that such an issue? Well ignore their military for a moment. Ignore all the products we import from them that are used on a daily basis for a moment. Ignore their yummy food for a moment. What does China do for us that is so important that they can shit in our hands like this and we will pretend its cake? Easy, money. Where do you think all the money for the Iraq war is coming from? All that debt we are in, who do you think is holding the fucking marker on that? Mostly China.

Sure America, go to war with another Arab nation! Go on, spend yourselves into debt so deep the only sunshine you see will belong to China, go ahead! China wants to own our ecconomy, and they are pretty much almost there.

Back to the article for a moment... The ship is an Iranian ship, which set sail from China, according to the company that owns it (the Iranian government, its a state owned company) it was heading for Rotterdam and was purchased by a German client. Of course they also say the cargo is "Minerals" and "Industrial Materials", so who knows. They are threatening to sue the man who is trying to help them get their ship back for saying the cargo is radioactive.

My theory? I know you are dying to hear it, so here goes. The cargo is indeed refined uranium 235, or enough raw ore (mined in Africa, hmmmm) to choke a camel. The crew, Iranian sailors, knew that the Somali pirates would kill all of them due to them all being poor sailors and not important folks. So they decided to get the pirates from beyond the grave, they cracked open the seals on the uranium canisters in the shipping boxes and closed the boxes back up. The pirates shot the crew, but the crew killed them via radiation poisoning. I applaud the crew of the ship. That is what I would have done.

Of course now there is a boat sitting at sea full of cancerous pirates and exposed uranium that's getting hotter by the minute. That sucks. That ladies and gentlemen is what I call "A Problem".

Mad Cow human variant (CJD) kills two in Spain, from the same family.

Not a lot to say on this one except that the problem is not going away. Despite increased safety precautions around the world the number of identified victims steadily increases.


And I do so love a good cheeseburger.

Why are Obama & McCain both HOT HOT HOT for the $700 Billion Bailout Plan? Just take a look at their top campaign contributors silly!

Contributors in BOLD are financial/credit/banking institutions. Most of the ones whose names are not readily recognizable are law firms. On both lists, not just Obama.

John Mccain's Puppet Masters
Merrill Lynch $298,413
Citigroup Inc $269,251
Morgan Stanley $233,272
Goldman Sachs $208,395
JPMorgan Chase & Co $179,975

AT&T Inc $174,487
Blank Rome LLP $150,426
Credit Suisse Group $150,025
Greenberg Traurig LLP $146,787
UBS AG $140,165
PricewaterhouseCoopers $140,120
US Government $137,617
Bank of America $129,475
Wachovia Corp $122,846
Lehman Brothers $117,500

FedEx Corp $113,453
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher $104,250
US Army $103,613
Bear Stearns $99,300
Pinnacle West Capital $97,700

Non-Disclosure of funding sources: 11.1%

Top Industries of McCain Bundlers

Securities & Investment $11,350,000
Real Estate $9,500,000
Lobbyists $6,250,000
Lawyers/Law Firms $4,900,000
Misc Finance $4,500,000

Barack Obama's Puppet Masters
Goldman Sachs $691,930

University of California $611,207
Citigroup Inc $448,599
JPMorgan Chase & Co $442,919

Harvard University $435,769
Google Inc $420,174
UBS AG $404,750
National Amusements Inc $389,140
Microsoft Corp $377,235
Lehman Brothers $370,524
Sidley Austin LLP $350,302 $347,463
Skadden, Arps et al $340,264
Time Warner $338,527
Wilmerhale Llp $335,398
Morgan Stanley $318,070
Latham & Watkins $297,400

Jones Day $289,476
University of Chicago $278,885
Stanford University $276,038
Non-Disclosure of funding sources: 5.8%

Top Industries of Obama Bundlers
Lawyers/Law Firms $11,700,000
Securities & Investment $8,900,000
TV/Movies/Music $3,150,000
Computers/Internet $2,150,000
Business Services $2,100,000

Sorta puts it all in perspective, don't it?

Steve Fosset Watch Update! Who needs money or ID in the 5th Dimension?

Some hikers found his wallet, maybe his jacket, ID's, and a big pile of money in the mountains... of California. An odd story that just gets more so with every turn...

Steve Fosset Watch EXTRA UPDATE! 1 light aircraft + a sheer mountain side = no body...

It seems that Steve's plane crashed into a mountain head first. The investigators say there is no possible way someone could have survived that crash. Yet there was no body in the wreck, and some of Steve's belongings were found some distance away.

Steve Fosset: 5th Dimensional explorer or senile aging adventurer? Stay tuned!


Today is the day Active Duty troops are being deployed in the US. Keep an eye out for where kids! Its like a scavenger hunt, only more depressing.

/End Transmission.

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