Sunday, April 18, 2010

From the Persian Gulf to Outer Space: Yet another blog post to enjoy

Kepler Telescope team allowed to selectively edit data

What. The. Fuck.

I am all for allowing scientists a "propriatary grace period" of sorts with discoveries. That is fine. Some time to mull over the data and figure out what exactly they have. To secure their discoveries and prevent career-ending retractions later.

That said, being able to "censor 500 objects" until the end of the mission, or longer, is totally and completely out of bounds. Its the sort of policy that inspires cries of conspiracy, and for good reason. Makes you wonder what exactly is being censored and why, doesn't it?

The best way to not look like idiots if they are unsure of something is to just release all the data, mark the questionable stuff with a post-it note saying "Seems interesting, but the budget didn't allow time for more detailed analysis" and let someone else stake their reputation on it.

The reasons are either greed, not wanting someone else to claim a find first. Or hiding something inconvenient to the party line, like say inhabitable (or inhabited) exo-planets or unexplainable objects. Either way its not in the best interests of science or humanity.

And speaking of outer space weirdness...

RAF Chase a UFO in broad daylight, and its caught on film

First off lets remember kids that "UFO" does not always mean "Alien Spacecraft".

The object was moving pretty fast, and it was the classic saucer shape associated with little green men. It was being tailed by two RAF fighter jets, but did not (in the video) accelerate faster than the jets could keep pace, nor did it turn/maneuver in any unorthodox/seemingly impossible ways.

Could be little green men, could be a new type of UAV being tested, or a disinformation campaign. Impossible to determine. If it is a UAV test however that explains why the jets kept perfect pace with it, they would have been the escort.

A saucer shaped UAV would be awesome for black ops. Scares people in rural parts of the world (Pakistan, Afghanistan anyone?), confuses people in the industrialized world, and offers a great bit of deniability to the government.

After all, are you saying the government is using flaying saucers to bomb terrorists? That's absurd!

Speaking of bombs in the Middle East...

Your after supper smoke is not kosher/halal: pig blood is contained in cigarette filters

Apparently pig hemoglobin is a vital component of cigarette filters. This news is sure to go over well with Muslim and Jewish smokers the world over.

Seriously, pig blood? For fucks sake, can cigarette additives get any weirder? Why exactly do we need pig blood in cigarette filters?

With the popularity of smokes in the Arab world/Middle East in general I bet you can expect a poorly made video exclaiming the impending deaths of Big Tobacco executives any second now.

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Kind of a short post, compared to recent efforts. The revision of the JFK article will be posted in the not to distant future, for those of you who enjoy the long wordy ones.

/End Transmission.

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