Saturday, April 10, 2010

Micro-Update: Eastern European current events edition

Either a tragic accident or one of the largest kill numbers for a single assassin: Polish president and a ton of other government types die in mysterious plane crash.

So far it seems that all of the (Russian) witnesses to the crash are saying the plane circled the airport four times trying to land in the thick fog bank.

It is a bit weird that the Polish president, other heads of state, top banking officials, and even ranking clergy, should die in a plane crash in Russia on the anniversary of the Katyn Massacre, in the Katyn forest no less.

This after several years of Poland's President telling Vladimir Putin to go fuck himself over everything from missile defense deals with the United States, and oddly enough Russia accepting responsibility for war crimes they committed against Poland. Like, for example, the Katyn Massacre.

Back in 2008 Putin even leveled a not-very thinly veiled threat of a nuclear strike against Poland for signing up with George Jr.'s Eastern European missile defense program.

It could be a horrible and strangely timed tragedy, but coincidence is not a vocabulary word in the world of deep politics and espionage. Plane crashes are a popular type of accidental death, and this one is most fortunate for Russian interests in Eastern Europe. Maybe there wasn't enough polonium to go around?

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Just a quick update, special thanks to Dr. Wife for poking me into it.

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