Saturday, January 1, 2011

Just a reminder...

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This blog has a barely used (and most likely barely legal) twitter feed. Will most likely get used more in the future. For site updates, quick links, and tiny drunken ramblings.

So you, that is my ever faithful readership, should "follow" it.

The fog of depression is lifting and I have three different articles percolating, so who wants to read what?

Don't all comment at once now.

Something to do with some unusual aspects of the WikiLeaks saga? Nothing terribly new to people who read this blog Im sure, more of an excuse for me to rant about it. Both pro and con to some degree. I like to piss off as many people as I can with as few written words as possible. I'm antagonistic, but also somewhat lazy.

Another wordy historical article? Most likely finally addressing the oft promised but never delivered upon Roswell article.

Maybe a historical article about Marilyn Monroe? My ex-wife kept promising to write one, but never delivered. I will refrain from making any additional comments derived from that sentence and instead say its a subject that is interesting. The fact that her death (briefly) shed some light into the darkest corners of a few notable peoples lives, including the Kennedy family and Frank Sinatra.

Perhaps another series of relatively unpopular debunking articles. After all, there are still plenty of bullshit cherished beliefs in the conspiracy community I have yet to properly take a giant shit on.

Do tell.

And follow on Twitter. I demand it.

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Dan said...

I vote for Wikileaks. Also, for the Roswell thing, as I'm curious what you'd have to say on it.