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Debunking from the Bunker: Addendum

Fascist Bells & Anti-Gravity Whistles: Nazi UFO part 2

The battle against the Nazi saucers rages on! After watching some entertaining and earnestly made but still mostly bullshit documentaries on Nazi UFOs I feel the need to give a little update.

I totally missed the boat to South America it seems on the most popular of these, the Nazi Bell. A device said to have been tested near the close of the war at an underground laboratory in the mountains of Poland.

The Bell was supposedly an engine that produced thrust from two drums spinning around an axis. The device was powered by allegedly exotic matter Xerium 525, which is suspected to maybe possibly be Red Mercury (which I might ad, is fictional), if it existed at all. This allowed for the device to "master gravity" and possibly be a time machine as well, according to some.

In 1944 the Nazi's had trouble keeping the coal for electricity coming out of the ground and keeping the troops supplied with luxury items like bullets and boots. It seems far fetched at best to assume they had time to refine any material that could be called exotic.

As an aside, and to be fair, it has been shown that they had at least one breeder reactor going at this time and were able to produce weapons grade uranium in sufficient amounts to build an atomic bomb. So there is something to be said for the persistence of the German people.

But I digress. The Bell as the story goes was successful, at least in the prototype stages. Conflicting theories say the Nazi's slapped it inside a few of their disc-shaped aircraft prototypes and BAM, Nazi UFO. Other theories suggest that the prototype was smuggled out of Germany to South America, where testing of the Bell continued. Here it remained until 1965 when it crash landed in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.

The Kecksburg UFO is an odd thing indeed, at least it's shape is odd. The story is very similar to other crashed UFO accounts. Judging from the amount of witnesses and paperwork from the government that managed to escape the shredder I think something did crash there (most likely a disinformation exorcise to cover for something else, more on that in a future post).

At any rate all the Kecksburg witnesses who observed the craft described it more or less the same way. Bell shaped, with weird lights coming from the bottom, and strange hieroglyphic writing around the edges. They said also that it was covered in ceramic plating of some sort. This is the exact description of the Nazi Bell, missing only a big swastika emblazoned on the side.

There is of course a problem with that.

All the information available on the Bell is based on the accounts of Igor Witkowski, credited as an aeronautical researcher he probably knows more about the Nazi secret bunkers and abandoned research labs that dot the Polish landscape than anyone alive.

He wrote a book in which he detailed his experiences being giving access to secret Polish government files from the war which included diagrams of the Bell, and eyewitness accounts from some of the captured scientists who worked on it and SS personal responsible for its safety.

All of this would seem pretty amazing, if Igor had not written his book in 2000, 35 years after the Kecksburg incident. To date he is the only person who has been shown these files for reasons unknown. Nobody in the Polish government seems to have any idea about it (though to be fair, they wouldn't tell the public shit if they did) and the only place that mentioned Nazi and Bell in a sentence about experimental aircraft was Igor's book. After he published in 2000 is a different story.

Another example of experimental aircraft that the Nazi's did have is the Horton Ho 229, a "flying wing" design that can be seen used today in the US. The F117 stealth fighter and B2 stealth bomber for example. Yes, that is right, the Nazi's had a jet aircraft that looked like a big black flying triangle that was nearly invisible to radar.

Like I said earlier its no wonder so many UFO reports came out at the end of the war. Hell, the allied nickname for them was "Foo Fighters" came from a popular comic book of the time. This tech was right out of a comic book, nobody had seen it before, especially not draftee's from middle-of-nowhere Arkansas and the like. They were faster, more maneuverable, unidentifiable, some of them were almost invisible to radar, and the were rare. Its not that big a stretch to assume it was men from outer space.

This was the future, the unknown, and it was shooting at them.

So yes, a little misidentification is understandable.

+ + +

JFK article is coming along nicely. It should if everything goes well enough to allow me to finish it soon be the next post. Its long, with pictures, and according to my wife totally insane. Not that she thinks its wrong (so she says) just that it sounds completely crazy. I can accept that.

After all, that is what you come here for, isn't it?

/End Transmission.

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