Friday, September 19, 2008

Picture Parade

"When you have to kill a man it costs nothing to be polite." - Winston Churchill

For Chad, with love.

A collection of images that you, my dear readers, may find interesting/entertaining.

Note: Blogger cuts them off a bit for formatting, so you have to click on the picture for the full image.

The Haunted Painting aka "The Hands Resist Him"

The story of the painting can be found in more detail elsewhere, but I shall summarize for my ADD afflicted audience. The painting above, "The Hands Resist Him", was discovered in an abandoned building and taken home by a lovely couple with two precocious children. These children reported strange things in the night with the painting, such as the figures coming to life and playing with them. A little weird. Eventually the parents managed to get infrared photographs of the painting appearing to do just that.

So the story goes.

The artist, Bill Stoneham, says he sold it to John Marley (Jack Woltz in The Godfather) who held it until his death. So far nobody knows for sure how it ended up in the old brewery where the couple who sold it on eBay found it.

Haunted or not, it makes a great story, which drove up the price on eBay, and gained some fame for the artist. Haunting? Maybe. Good marketing? Absolutely.

Every job is getting outsourced these days, even law enforcement.

Blackwater private security contractors working with the DEA to bust medical marijuana dispensaries in California. That's nice. I love the idea of corporate operatives acting as law enforcement officers. Sort of like if you go to Best Buy and smell like weed, then the Geek Squad guys come out and tase you to the ground and haul you off to jail in a big orange SUV.

I would have included a link to the story that had more photos from this raid, but they (The LA Times) took them down. Just like they did the photo above, an hour after it was put up. I guess they didn't feel it was newsworthy after all, so they removed it from the set of pics from the raid. What can you expect from a liberal media, right? Right?

JFK: Fuck the Zapruder Film, the real money shots are in the before and after.

JFK and his then Vice President LBJ (far right, in the white coat) the morning of November 22nd. One of these men knows that day will go down in history, which one would you say?


LBJ and "Lady Bird" Johnson having a moment of levity with Jackie Kennedy just before LBJ is sworn in on Air Force One. Note how uncomfortable everyone else looks.


LBJ smiling at Texas Congressman Albert Thomas, and good old Al winking right back! There must have been such a lively mood on that jet, what with JFK decomposing quietly 40 feet away and his widow sobbing hysterically still soaked in her husbands blood.


LBJ swearing the oath of office, clearly a somber moment. Congressman Thomas is left in the snappy bow tie, and the short seedy fellow left of Al is Jack Valenti, the man you have to thank for essentially creating the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America).


Death of a President, by William Manchester, is the authorized version of the Kennedy assassination. Jackie Kennedy gave ten hours of interview; both Look magazine and the German publication Stern serialized it. Jackie asked that certain passages which were "too personal" be removed. According to the Paul Krassner's periodical The Realist, this is one of the passages:

"That man was crouching over the corpse, no longer chuckling but breathing hard and moving his body rhythmically. At first I thought he must be performing some mysterious symbolic rite he'd learned from Mexicans or Indians as a boy. And then I realized -- there is only one way to say this -- he was literally fucking my husband in the throat. In the bullet wound in the front of his throat. He reached a climax and dismounted. I froze. The next thing I remember, he was being sworn in as the new President".


When the plane landed in DC and Jackie was asked by a reporter why she had not changed clothes, her response was she wished she had not washed her hands or face, and she kept on the outfit because "I want those sons of bitches to see what they did to Jack.".

Jackie Kennedy was not one to mince words.

The Whitechapel Fiend revealed!

The (wonderful, and intensely funny) film 'Amazon Women on the Moon' reveals in a shocking 'Bullshit, or Not?' segment that Jack the Ripper was in fact... The Loch Ness Monster. Scary stuff. I love the giant kilt on Nessie. Scotch pride indeed!

I changed the name of the blog, twice actually. Both were taken by other blogs, as was Conspiracy Corner aparently. So it has a new name. One not taken by someone else. The URL will stay the same however, since its not the name of the blog there is no need to change that.

Stay tuned for a special guest blogger! My wife is coming out of journalistic retirement and she is coming out fighting. Stay tuned for her article on the West Memphis 3.

In other news, my article on the Biscardi Bigfoot got mentioned/linked in a few other blogs. Also my brief bit on the new DHS Weather Control program got a shout-out elsewhere. I did not even know. How about that, my 15 minutes came and went and I was probably working or asleep. Typical.

/End Transmission.


Anonymous said...

that passage from the realist is satire

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